Panthers 2nd, Lions 3rd at Hillsboro Invit.

By Chris Hoppes -

HILLSBORO — The Miami Trace Panthers and Washington Blue Lions track teams competed in the Hillsboro Invitational Thursday, April 19.

With the McClain Tigers in the field, there were two-thirds of the Frontier Athletic Conference teams competing against one another.

The competition was very close, with Hillsboro winning the girls’ event with 114 points to 113 for Miami Trace.

Washington was third with 100 points and McClain was fourth with 93.5 points.

It was the same order of finish on the boys’ side, with Hillsboro scoring 180 points, Miami Trace second with 174 points, Washington third with 78 points and McClain fourth with 70 points.

Rayana Burns scored 40 points for Washington, winning the 100, 200 and 400-meter dashes and the high jump.

Burns ran a 13.03 to win the 100, with Chaden Pitzer of McClain second in 13.07.

Burns won the 200 in 26.71, .13 of a second ahead of Pitzer.

Pitzer won both the 100 and 300-meter hurdle events for McClain.

Burns won the 400-meter dash in 1:02.39.

She also won the high jump, clearing 5’ 4”. Burns was the only competitor to clear five feet or better.

Also for Washington, Cloe Copas won the 3200-meter run in 13:06.81.

Grace Bapst of Miami Trace was fourth in the 800-meter run in 2:53.79.

Magarah Bloom of Miami Trace won the 1600-meter run in 5:49.98.

Copas was second in the 1600-meters in 6:05.81.

Kylie Pettit of Miami Trace was third in the 1600 in 6:17.90.

Pettit took third in the 3200-meters in 13:33.12.

Miami Trace’s Macy Creamer was second in the 300-meter hurdles in 51.11. She was fourth in the 100-meter hurdles in 17.83.

Miami Trace won the 4 x 100-meter relay in 55.04. That relay consisted of Shaylee McDonald, Isabella Vanover, Lilly Litteral and McKenna Wilson.

Washington was second in 55.31. That team was composed of Tabby Woods, Jaelyn Mason, Tahja Pettiford and Halli Wall.

Miami Trace was third in the 4 x 200-meter relay in 1:58.66. That relay was made up of Litteral, Tori Morrison, Olivia Flerchinger and Creamer.

Washington was third in the 4 x 400-meter relay in 4:46.17. Those relay members were Pettiford, Savanna Davis, Woods and Copas.

Miami Trace was fourth in that event in 4:54.20. Those runners were Abby Arledge, Morrison, Reagan Barton and Vanover.

Washington was third in the 4 x 800-meter relay in 12:26.08. That relay was made up of Copas, Alexa Harris, Abby Tackage and Morgan Williams.

Miami Trace’s Pettit, Grace Bapst, Mackenzie Grafstrom and Williams were fourth in 12:38.53.

Morrison was fourth in the high jump at 4’ 8”.

Davis was fifth at 4’ 6”.

Sayler Preston of Miami Trace won the pole vault at 8’ 6”.

Mason was second at 8’ 6”.

Creamer was third in the long jump at 15’ 6 1/2”. Arledge was fourth at 14’ 11”.

In the boys’ meet, Miami Trace’s Brady Wallace won the 100-meter dash in 11.67.

Wallace won the 200-meter dash in 23.70.

Miami Trace’s Noah Wiseman was second in 23.89.

Jaden Haldeman of Miami Trace was second in the 400-meter dash with a time of 55.31.

Jotham Lewis of Miami Trace won the 800-meters with a time of 2:08.13.

Kameron Morris of Washington won the 1600-meter run in 4:57.18.

Simon DeBruin of Miami Trace was second in 4:58.88. DeBruin also placed third in the 3200-meter run in 10:56.69.

Washington took the top two spots in the 110-meter hurdles.

Caleb Rice won with a time of 16.16. Trent Langley was second in 16.24.

Wyatt Cory of Miami Trace was third in 17.01.

Langley was second in the 300-meter hurdles in 44.92.

Cory was third in 45.44.

Miami Trace won the 4 x 100-meter relay with a time of 46.83. Those runners were Malik Jackson, Justin Reed, Josh Liff and Wiseman.

Washington was fourth in 48.01. That team was Rice, Jameson McCane, Bryce Coy and Shlok Shah.

The Panthers won the 4 x 200-meter relay with a time of 1:35.80. That quartet was Jackson, Reed, Wallace and Wiseman.

Miami Trace placed third in the 4 x 400-meter relay. Jake Atwood, Lewis, Haldeman and Henry DeBruin recorded a time of 3:47.06.

Washington’s McCane, Morris, Langley and Brandon Underwood placed fourth in 3:49.85.

Miami Trace won the 4 x 800-meter relay in 8:57.13.

That relay was Atwood, to Simon DeBruin to Caleb Brannigan to Lewis.

Cory was third in the high jump at 5’ 4”.

Cory was third in the pole vault at 10’ 6”. Coy was fourth at 10’ 0”.

Andrew Amore of Miami Trace was fourth in the long jump at 17’ 3 1/2”.

Wes Seyfang of Miami Trace, who recently signed to attend Ashland University, won the shot put at 49’ 4”.

Sterling Smith of Washington was fourth at 41’ 10”.

Seyfang was second in the discus throw at 141’ 6”.

Miami Trace and Washington girls results from the Hillsboro Invitational, April 19, 2018

100-meter dash: Rayana Burns, W, 1st, 13.03; Shaylee McDonald, MT, 5th, 13.73; Isabella Vanover, MT, 6th, 13.83; Aria Marting, W, 14th, 15.28

200-meter dash: Rayana Burns, W, 1st, 26.71; Isabella Vanover, MT, 5th, 28.47; Shaylee McDonald, MT, 6th, 28.95; Halli Wall, W, 9th, 30.34

400-meter dash: Rayana Burns, W, 1st, 1:02.39; Abby Arledge, MT, 8th, 1:12.20; Kayla Welling, W, 9th, 1:13.49; Reagan Barton, MT, 10th, 1:15.74

800-meter run: Grace Bapst, MT, 4th, 2:53.79

1600-meter run: Magarah Bloom, MT, 1st, 5:49.98; Cloe Copas, W, 2nd, 6:05.81; Kylie Pettit, MT, 3rd, 6:17.90; Abby Tackage, W, 8th 7:08.82

3200-meter run: Cloe Copas, W, 1st, 13:06.81; Kylie Pettit, MT, 3rd, 13:33.12; Alexa Harris, W, 5th, 14:46.98

100-meter hurdles: Macy Creamer, MT, 4th, 17.83; Raven Haithcock, W, 9th, 19.82; McKenna Garren, W, 11th, 20.86; Saylor Moore, MT, 13th, 22.68

300-meter hurdles: Macy Creamer, MT, 2nd, 51.11; McKenna Garren, W, 10th, 1:03.63

4 x 100-meter relay: MT (Shaylee McDonald, Isabella Vanover, Lilly Litteral, McKenna Wilson), 1st, 55.04; W (Tabby Woods, Jaelyn Mason, Tahja Pettiford, Halli Wall), 2nd, 55.31

4 x 200-meter relay: MT (Lilly Litteral, Tori Morrison, Olivia Flerchinger, Macy Creamer), 3rd, 1:58.66; W (Tabby Woods, Kayla Welling, Tahja Pettiford, Halli Wall), 5th, 2:00.67

4 x 400-meter relay: W (Tahja Pettiford, Savanna Davis, Tabby Woods, Cloe Copas), 3rd, 4:46.17; MT (Abby Arledge, Tori Morrison, Reagan Barton, Isabella Vanover), 4th, 4:54.20

4 x 800-meter relay: W (Cloe Copas, Alexa Harris, Abby Tackage, Morgan Williams), 3rd, 12:26.08; MT (Kylie Pettit, Grace Bapst, Mackenzie Grafstrom, Anna Williams), 4th, 12:38.53

High jump: Rayana Burns, W, 1st, 5’ 4”; Tori Morrison, MT, 4th, 4’ 8”; Savanna Davis, W, 5th, 4’ 6”

Pole vault: Jaelyn Mason, W, 2nd, 8’ 6”

Long jump: Macy Creamer, MT, 3rd, 15’ 6 1/2”; Abby Arledge, MT, 4th, 14’ 11”; Savanna Davis, W, 8th, 14’ 1”; Tabby Woods, W, 10th, 13’ 5”

Shot put: Gretchen Ivers, MT, 7th, 28’ 1/2”; Beth Wilt, W, 12th, 25’ 4 1/2”; Juliane Bailey, W, 17th, 20’ 0”

Discus throw: Gretchen Ivers, MT, 5th, 80’ 0”; Beth Wilt, W, 10th, 66’ 9”; Abi Garrison, W, 11th, 64’ 10”

Washington and Miami Trace boys results from the Hillsboro Invitational, April 19, 2018

100-meter dash: Brady Wallace, MT, 1st, 11.67; Noah Wiseman, MT, 3rd, 11.74; Jameson McCane, W, 8th, 12.29

200-meter dash: Brady Wallace, MT, 1st, 23.70; Noah Wiseman, MT, 2nd, 23.80

400-meter dash: Jaden Haldeman, MT, 2nd, 55.19; Cole Enochs, MT, 8th, 1:00.06

800-meter run: Jotham Lewis, MT, 1st, 2:08.13; Henry DeBruin, MT, 5th, 2:16.49; Brandon Underwood, W, 6th, 2:17.79; Chris Conger, W, 12th, 2:38.02

1600-meter run: Kameron Morris, W, 1st, 4:57.18; Simon DeBruin, MT, 2nd, 4:58.88; Caleb Brannigan, MT, 8th, 5:22.59; Nick Geiler, W, 13th, 5:48.43

3200-meter run: Simon DeBruin, MT, 3rd, 10:56.69; Caleb Brannigan, MT, 6th, 11:20.75; Conner Lane, W, 11th, 12:08.38; Cody Riley, W, 15th, 12:59.03

110-meter hurdles: Caleb Rice, W, 1st, 16.16; Trent Langley, W, 2nd, 16.24; Wyatt Cory, MT, 3rd, 17.01; Jaden Haldeman, MT, 6th, 18.36

300-meter hurdles: Trent Langley, W, 2nd, 44.92; Wyatt Cory, MT, 3rd, 45.44; Justin Reed, MT, 8th, 48.16

4 x 100-meter relay: MT (Malik Jackson, Justin Reed, Josh Liff, Noah Wiseman), 1st, 46.83; W (Caleb Rice, Jameson McCane, Bryce Coy, Shlok Shah), 4th, 48.01

4 x 200-meter relay: MT (Malik Jackson, Justin Reed, Brady Wallace, Noah Wiseman), 1st, 1:35.80; W (Caleb Rice, Chris Conger, Brandon Underwood, Shlok Shah), 6th, 1:43.07

4 x 400-meter relay: MT (Jake Atwood, Jotham Lewis, Jaden Haldeman, Henry DeBruin), 3rd, 3:47.06; W (Jameson McCane, Kameron Morris, Trent Langley, Brandon Underwood), 4th, 3:49.85

4 x 800-meter relay: MT (Jake Atwood, Simon DeBruin, Caleb Brannigan, Jotham Lewis), 1st, 8:57.13; W (Kameron Morris, Cody Riley, Chris Conger, Brandon Underwood), 5th, 9:41.47

High jump: Wyatt Cory, MT, 3rd, 5’ 4”; Andrew Amore, MT, tie 5th, 5’ 2”

Pole vault: Wyatt Cory, MT, 3rd, 10’ 6”; Bryce Coy, W, 4th, 10’ 0”; Andrew Amore, MT, 7th, 9’ 0”; Reilly Downing, W, 8th, 8’ 6”

Long jump: Andrew Amore, MT, 4th, 17’ 3 1/2”; Jaden Haldeman, MT, 5th, 17’ 2”; Shlok Shah, W, 8th, 16’ 9 1/2”; Caleb Rice, W, 14th, 14’ 2 1/2”

Shot put: Wes Seyfang, MT, 1st, 49’ 4”; Sterling Smith, W, 4th, 41’ 10”; Adrian Butterbaugh, W, 5th, 40’ 2”; Josh Liff, MT, 6th, 38’ 9 1/2”

Discus: Wes Seyfang, MT, 2nd, 141’ 6”; Adrian Butterbaugh, W, 6th, 106’ 9”; Sterling Smith, W, 7th, 105’ 6 1/2”; Jarron DeBold, MT, 14th, 85’ 3”

Girls team scores for the Hillsboro Invitational

Hillsboro, 1st, 114; Miami Trace, 2nd, 113; Washington, 3rd, 100; McClain, 4th, 93.5; Winchester Eastern, 5th, 93; Leesburg Fairfield, 6th, 67; Lynchburg-Clay, 7th, 39.5; Whiteoak, 8th, 26

Boys team scores for the Hillsboro Invitational

Hillsboro, 1st, 180; Miami Trace, 2nd, 174; Washington, 3rd, 78; McClain, 4th, 70; Whiteoak, 5th, 55.5; Leesburg Fairfield, 6th, 43; Winchester Eastern, 7th, 30.5; Lynchburg-Clay, 8th, 26; Hillsboro ‘B’, 9th, 4

By Chris Hoppes