Chillicothe wins FAC girls swim title

By Chris Hoppes -

GREENFIELD — The Chillicothe Cavaliers girls swim team made it a sweep of the Frontier Athletic Conference’s aquatic events on Thursday, Feb. 1 at the McClain High School natatorium.

The Cavaliers’ boys team won the FAC on Wednesday.

The Lady Cavaliers scored a total of 400 team points.

McClain was second with 305 points, followed by Miami Trace in third with 240, Washington fourth with 184 and Hillsboro placing a distant fifth with 13 points.

McClain won six events and Chillicothe won five.

Chillicothe placed second in seven events and McClain was second in two.

Washington and Miami Trace both had one second place result.

Miami Trace’s Addie Braden was second in the 500-yard freestyle in 6:38.82.

Julianne Bailey of Washington was second in the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:21.78.

Miami Trace was third in the 400-yard freestyle relay in a time of 4:43.77. That relay was comprised of Tori Morrison, Lilly Litteral, Kylie Pettit and Braden.

The Panthers were third in the 200-yard medley relay in 2:28.59. Those swimmers were Morrison, Kate Leach, Litteral and one unidentified participant.

Litteral was third in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 1:2

Washington’s Megan Rohrer was third in the 100-yard freestyle in 1:12.21.

Washington’s 200-yard freestyle relay was third in 2:09.77. That relay was composed of Rohrer, Faith Kobel, Camryn Waldrop and Bailey.

Miami Trace and Washington results:

(All distances measured in yards)

200-medley relay: Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:28.59 (Tori Morrison, Kate Leach, unnamed swimmer, Lilly Litteral); Washington, 4th, 2:31.11 (Grace Gerber, Julianne Bailey, Megan Rohrer, Andrea Fitzpatrick); Miami Trace, 7th, 2:38.15 (Kylie Pettit, Addie Braden, Cameron Bucher, Carissa Hostetler)

200-freestyle: Faith Kobel, W, 5th, 2:48.79; Andrea Robinson, MT, 8th, 2:59.91; Olivia Flerchinger, MT, 9th, 3:00.11

200-individual medley: Julianne Bailey, W, 3rd, 2:47.15; Megan Rohrer, W, 5th, 2:59.48; Tori Morrison, MT, 8th, 3:13.30; Casey Ramirez, W, 11th, 3:35.28; Kiersten Odierno, MT, 13th, 3:44.82

50-freestyle: Lilly Litteral, MT, 5th, 31.40; Grace Gerber, W, 6th, 32.49; Olivia Flerchinger, MT, 7th, 32.61; Carissa Hostetler, MT, 10th, 33.81; Andrea Fitzpatrick, W, 11th, 34.20; Sabra Hines, W, 14th, 51.35

100-butterfly: Megan Rohrer, W, 3rd, 1:22.64; Destiny Schook, MT, 6th, 1:34.95; Cameron Bucher, MT, 10th, 1:47.74

100-freestyle: Lilly Litteral, MT, 3rd, 1:12.21; Faith Kobel, W, 6th, 1:14.51; Carissa Hostetler, MT, 7th, 1:16.54; Christina Luebbe, W, 11th, 1:26.90

500-freestyle: Addie Braden, MT, 2nd, 6:38.82; Kylie Pettit, MT, 6:57.37; Grace Gerber, W, 5th, 7:04.19; Andrea Fitzpatrick, W, 9th, 8:36.44; Camryn Waldrop, W, 11th, 8:55.49

200-freestyle relay: Washington, 3rd, 2:09.77 (Megan Rohrer, Faith Kobel, Camryn Waldrop, Julianne Bailey); Miami Trace, 5th, 2:12.19 (Carissa Hostetler, Cameron Bucher, Andrea Robinson, Addie Braden); Miami Trace, 8th, 2:28.51 (Jessica Camp, Kaitlin Arnold, Kiersten Odierno, Kaylee Hauck); Washington 10th, 2:51.06 (Christina Luebbe, Sabra Hines, Casey Ramirez, Alexandria Cartwright)

100-backstroke: Tori Morrison, MT, 5th, 1:25.79; Kylie Pettit, MT, 7th, 1:29.03; Kiersten Odierno, MT, 9th, 1:54.45; Sabra Hines, W, 11th, 2:21.87

100-breaststroke: Julianne Bailey, W, 2nd, 1:21.78; Destiny Schook, MT, 4th, 1:33.11; Kate Leach, MT, 5th, 1:33.14; Casey Ramirez, W, 6th, 1:35.04; Alexandria Cartwright, W, 8th, 1:43.32; Kaylee Hauck, MT, 10th, 1:48.28

400-freestyle relay: Miami Trace, 3rd, 4:43.77 (Tori Morrison, Lilly Litteral, Kylie Pettit, Addie Braden); Washington, 6th, 5:26.11 (Faith Kobel, Alexandria Cartwright, Andrea Fitzpatrick, Grace Gerber); Miami Trace, 7th, 5:26.79 (Cameron Bucher, Andrea Robinson, Destiny Schook, Olivia Flerchinger)

By Chris Hoppes