Cavs win FAC boys swim title

By Chris Hoppes -

GREENFIELD — The Frontier Athletic Conference held its first boys swim meet Wednesday, Jan. 31 at McClain High School.

Chillicothe won the meet with 465 points.

McClain was second with 281 points, followed by Hillsboro with 197, Miami Trace in fourth with 138 points and Washington fifth with 137 points.

Jackson does not have a swim team.

The Cavaliers won 10 of the 11 events.

The only event Chillicothe did not win was the 500-yard freestyle, which went to Avery Voss of McClain in a time of 6:03.10.

Washington and Miami Trace results:

(All distances are measured in yards)

200-medley relay: Washington, 4th, 2:17.57 (Josh Waters, Reilly Downing, Spencer Minyo, Kyler Runk); Miami Trace, 5th, 2:18.89 (Kody Burns, Jaden Haldeman, Isaac Abare, Brady Wallace)

200-freestyle: Kody Burns, MT, 7th, 2:42.39; Christopher Walker, MT, 8th, 2:49.20; Hunter Roush, MT, 9th, 2:50.34; Chandler Carr, W, 10th, 2:59.73; Trevor Minyo, W, 12th, 3:11.04

200-individual medley: Isaac Abare, MT, 5th, 2:52.04; Reilly Downing, W, 7th, 3:10.80

50-freestyle: Josh Waters, W, 7th, 28.53; Brady Wallace, MT, 8th, 29.01; Josh Liff, MT 9th, 29.37; Josh Trimmer, W, 11th, 32.61; Preston Hines, W, 12th, 41.61

100-butterfly: Spencer Minyo, W, 4th, 1:14.68; Kyler Runk, W, 6th, 1:22.97

100-freestyle: Jaden Haldeman, MT, 8th, 1:06.45; Josh Liff, MT, 9th, 1:10.69; Josh Trimmer, W, 12th, 1:31.57

500-freestyle: Isaac Abare, MT, 5th, 6:43.68; Kyler Runk, W, 8th, 7:08.91

200-freestyle relay: Miami Trace, 5th, 2:03.41 (Brady Wallace, Christopher Walker, Hunter Roush, Josh Liff); Washington, 7th, 2:03.86 (Spencer Minyo, Josh Trimmer, Kyler Runk, Josh Waters)

100-backstroke: Josh Waters, W, 3rd, 1:16.48; Chandler Carr, W, 8th, 1:30.20; Kody Burns, MT, 9th, 1:32.08; Jacob Downing, MT, 11th, 1:46.01; Christopher Walker, MT, 13th, 1:48.53

100-breaststroke: Spencer Minyo, W, 4th, Reilly Downing, W, 6th, 1:28.03; Preston Hines, W 7th, 1:30.06; Jaden Haldeman, Mt, 10th, 1:35.80; Hunter Roush, MT, 12th, 1:39.50

400-freestyle relay: Miami Trace, 5th, 4:43.15 (Jaden Haldeman, Josh Liff, Kody Burns, Isaac Abare); Miami Trace, 7th, 5:05.80 (Austin Conklin, Hunter Roush, Jacob Downing, Christopher Walker); Washington, 8th, 5:37.20 (Josh Trimmer, Trevor Minyo, Chandler Carr, Reilly Downing)

By Chris Hoppes