Lady Lion track wins at Hillsboro

Blue Lions 2nd at Indians’ tri-meet

By Chris Hoppes -

HILLSBORO — The Washington boys and girls track teams visited Hillsboro Tuesday, March 28 for a tri-meet with the Indians and Chillicothe Cavaliers.

The Lady Lions won the meet, with 87.5 points.

Chillicothe was second with 47 and Hillsboro third with 37.5.

Hillsboro won the boys meet with 112.5 points.

Washington was second with 32.5 points and Chillicothe took third with 30 points.

Washington’s Rayana Burns won four events (the maximum number of events in which an athlete may compete in a high school meet).

Burns won the 100-meter dash in a time of 12.22.

Burns won the 200-meter dash in 26.42; she won the 400-meter dash with a time of 58.51 and also the high jump, clearing 4’ 10”.

Maddy Garrison won two solo events and ran on two winning relays.

Garrison won the 1600-meter run in a time of 5:43.72.

She won the 3200-meter run in 12:19.78.

Washington won all four of the relays.

In the 4 x 400-meter relay, Garrison, Kynzie Osborne, Tahja Pettiford and Tabby Woods won in a time of 4:27.0.

Garrison, Alexa Harris, Emily Adams and Abigail Tackage won the 4 x 800-meter relay with a time of 12:09.0.

Hannah Patterson, Jaelyn Mason, Woods and Pettiford won the 4 x 100-meter relay with a time of 57.53.

Osborne, Jerrica Hites, Pettiford and Woods won the 4 x 200-meter relay in 1:57.03.

Mason won the pole vault with a height of 7’ 6”.

Savanna Davis won the long jump at 14’ 4”.

The Blue Lion boys won the 4 x 800-meter relay in a time of 9:22.31.

Trevor Hicks won the shot put with a throw of 43’ 1”.

Adrian Butterbaugh won the discus throw with a distance of 112’ 6”.

Washington hosts Leesburg Fairfield on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.

Washington girls results from March 28, 2017

100-meter dash: Rayana Burns, 1st, 12.22; Tahja Pettiford, 5th, 13.77; Jaelyn Mason, 7th, 13.88; Haley Copas, 8th, 14.38; Hannah Patterson, 9th, 14.41; Megan Downing, 15th, 15.43; Mckenna Garren, 16th, 15.47; Kieara Hites, 17th, 15.50.

200-meter dash: Rayana Burns, 1st, 26.42; Kynzie Osborne, 2nd, 28.03; Jerrica Hites, 3rd, 29.72; Mckenna Garren, 7th, 31.95; Camryn Waldrop, 11th, 33.47.

400-meter dash: Rayana Burns, 1st, 58.51; Camryn Waldrop, 5th, 1:17.06.

800-meter run: Alexa Harris, 2nd, 3:02.72; Emily Adams, 6th, 3:22.00; Haley Copas, 7th, 3:22.82.

1600-meter run: Maddy Garrison, 1st, 5:43.72; Alexa Harris, 2nd, 6:50.97; Abigail Tackage, 6th, 7:22.94.

3200-meter run: Maddy Garrison, 1st, 12:19.78; Abigail Tackage, 4th, 14:42.91; Tessa Yoakum, 5th, 15:29.15.

100-meter hurdles: Raven Haithcock, 3rd, 17.61; Aria Marting, 5th, 19.12; Hannah Patterson, 6th, 19.76; Kayla Welling, tie 7th, 20.34; Kieara Hites, 10th, 20.91.

300-meter hurdles: Raven Haithcock, 2nd, 54.50; Aria Marting, 4th, 58.68; Kayla Welling, 5th, 59.31; Hanna Patterson, 7th, 1:04.76.

4 x 100-meter relay: Washington, 1st, 57.53 (Hannah Patterson, Jaelyn Mason, Tabby Woods, Tahja Pettiford ); Washington ‘B’, 3rd, 1:00.73 (Kieara Hites, Kayla Welling, Aria Marting, Mckenna Garren).

4 x 200-meter relay: Washington, 1st, 1:57.03 (Kynzie Osborne, Jerrica Hites, Tahja Pettiford, Tabby Woods).

4 x 400-meter relay: Washington, 1st, 4:27.00 (Kynzie Osborne, Tahja Pettiford, Maddy Garrison, Tabby Woods).

4 x 800-meter relay: Washington, 1st, 12:09.00 (Alexa Harris, Maddy Garrison, Emily Adams, Abigail Tackage)

High jump: Rayana Burns, 1st, 4’ 10”; Savanna Davis, 2nd, 4’ 8”.

Pole vault: Jaelyn Mason, 1st, 7’ 6”; Megan Downing, tie 5th, 6’ 6”.

Long jump: Savanna Davis, 1st, 14’ 4”; Tabby Woods, 4th, 12’ 4”.

Shot put: Taylor Smith, 2nd, 29’ 11”; Bri Wilt, 3rd, 26’ 11”; Emily Adams, 10th, 17’ 6”.

Discus throw: Taylor Smith, 4th, 77’ 2”; Bri Wilt, 5th, 63’ 4”; Emily Adams, 6th, 58’ 7”; Harley Dawson, 9th, 50’ 5”.

Washington boys results from March 28, 2017

100-meter dash: Jacob Rice, tie 5th, 12.06; Ethan Smith, 14th, 13.05; Sam Willis, 16th, 14.80.

200-meter dash: Dodge Mcgraw, 4th, 26.76; Ethan Smith, 6th, 27.14; Trent Langley, 7th, 27.27.

400-meter dash: Josh Trimmer, 3rd, 59.83; Bryce Coy, 5th, 1:03.22; Dodge Mcgraw, 7th, 1:07.42.

800-meter run: Brandon Underwood, 3rd, 2:21.72; Will Baughn, 6th, 2:35.53; Chris Conger, 9th, 2:40.66; Cody Riley, 10th, 2:40.97.

1600-meter run: Chris Conger, tie 4th, 5:53.35; Cody Riley, 9th, 6:16.63.

3200-meter run: none.

110-meter hurdles: Trent Langley, 5th, 18.97.

300-meter hurdles: Caleb Rice, 2nd, 46.38; Trent Langley, 6th, 49.56; Liam Downing, 7th, 55.82.

4 x 100-meter relay: Washington, 2nd, 47.06 (Jacob Rice, Garritt Leisure, Caden Smith, Dillon Steward).

4 x 200-meter relay: Washington, 3rd, 1:50.81 (Caden Smith, Dillon Steward, Brandon Underwood, Richie Burns).

4 x 400-meter relay: Washington, 3rd, 4:00.28 (Richie Burns, Josh Trimmer, Caden Smith, Brandon Underwood).

4 x 800-meter relay: Washington, 1st, 9:22.31 (Brandon Underwood, Will Baughn, Chris Conger, Josh Trimmer)

High jump: Richie Burns, 4th, 5’ 0”.

Pole vault: Levi Davis, 3rd, 9’ 0”; Liam Downing, 4th, 8’ 6”; Bryce Coy, 5th, 8’ 6”; Will Baughn, 6th, 8’ 0”.

Long jump: none.

Shot put: Trevor Hicks, 1st, 43’ 1”; Adrian Butterbaugh, 4th, 40’ 2”; Kirkland Wilson, 5th, 36’ 1”; Kyle Moore, 6th, 35’ 3”.

Discus throw: Adrian Butterbaugh, 1st, 112’ 6”; Kirkland Wilson, 4th, 98’ 6”; Kyle Moore, 8th, 91’ 1”; Nick Bishop, 10th, 79’ 9”.

Blue Lions 2nd at Indians’ tri-meet

By Chris Hoppes

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1