MT girls win year-end swim quad

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Washington hosted a quad meet with Miami Trace, Hillsboro and Madison Plains swim teams on Dec. 27, 2016 at the Fayette County YMCA.

Miami Trace girls were victorious with a team score of 477 followed by Washington with 310, Hillsboro with 298 and Madison Plains with 40 points.

First place individual finishers for the Lady Panthers were: Clare Sollars, 100 backstroke, 1:19.27 and the 500 freestyle, 6:48.07; Kaitlyn Taylor, 50 freestyle, 30.14; Ally Streitenberger, 100 yard free, 1:18.29 and Taylor Barrett, breaststroke, 1:34.08.

Washington’s Megan Rohrer won the 100 yard butterfly in a time of 1:25.24.

The Lady Panthers placed first in all three team relays.

The 200 medley team members were Clare Sollars, Destiny Schook, Morgan Leasure, and Kaitlyn Taylor, 2:33.27. The 200 free relay team members, Marissa Sheets, Keylee Smith, Andrea Robinson, and Tori Morrison, 2:14.48. The 400 free relay team, Addie Braden, Kaitlyn Taylor, Morgan Leasure and Clare Sollars, 4:46.60.

In the boys’ competition, Hillsboro came out on top with a team score of 372 followed by Miami Trace with 304 points and Washington with 237 points.

For the Panther boys, Isaac Abare won the 100 yard backstroke.

Spencer Minyo placed first in two events for Washington, the 200 yard individual medley, 2:51.35 and the 100 breaststroke, 1:18.57. Liam Downing placed first in the 100 yard butterfly, 1:13.83.

The Panther boys 400 relay team, Justin Jones, Isaac Abare, Hunter Howard and Josh Liff, placed first with a time of 5:05.87.

The next swim meet is Tuesday, Jan. 10 at 5 p.m. at the Fayette County YMCA.

Meet results for the Lady Panthers and Lady Blue Lions:

200 Medley Relay – MT Clare Sollars, Destiny Schook, Morgan Leisure, Kaitlyn Taylor, 1st, 2:33.27; MT Tori Morrison, Taylor Barrett, Gretchen Rife and Lilly Litteral, 3rd, 2:38.34. WCH McKenna Garren, Casey Ramirez, Megan Rohrer, and Delaney Greer, 4th, 2:40.88.

200 Yard Freestyle – MT Addie Braden, 2nd, 2:35.41, and Ally Streitenberger, 3rd, 2:56.16. WCH Casey Ramirez, 5th, 4:04.08, and Sierra Peters, 6th, 4:21.64.

200 Yard IM – WCH Megan Rohrer, 2nd, 3:01.16, and Aria Marting, 6th, 3:45.03. MT Destiny Schook, 3rd, 3:18.26 and Taylor Barrett, 4th, 3:18.88.

50 Yard Freestyle – MT Kaitlyn Taylor, 1st, 30.14 and Lilly Litteral, 3rd, 32.34. WCH Delaney Greer, 4th, 33.83 and McKenna Garren, 6th, 39.51.

100 Yard Butterfly – WCH Megan Rohrer, 1st, 1:25.24 and Aria Marting, 3rd, 1:58.09. MT Morgan Leasure, 4th, 2:04.60.

100 Yard Freestyle – MT Ally Streitenberger 1st, 1:18.29 and Olivia Flerchinger, 2nd, 1:21.02. WCH Delaney Greer, 3rd, 1:25.32 and Andrea Fitzpatrick 4th, 1:32.31.

500 Yard Freestyle – MT Clare Sollars, 1st, 6:48.07 and Addie Braden, 2rd, 6:57.20. WCH McKenna Garren, 5th, 10:11.30.

200 Freestyle Relay – MT Marissa Sheets, Keylee Smith, Andrea Robinson, Tori Morrison 1st, 2:14.48. MT Gretchen Rife, Ally Streitenberger, Morgan Leisure, Lilly Litteral, 3rd, 2:15.39. WCH Aria Marting, Delaney Greer, McKenna Garren, Megan Rohrer, 4th, 2:22.94, and Andrea Fitzpatrick, Kara Vorha, Casey Ramirez, Sierra Peters, 6th, 2:52.76.

100 Yard Backstroke – MT Clare Sollars, 1st, 1:19.27 and Tori Morrison, 3rd, 1:26.59. WCH Kara Vorha, 5th, 1:59.53 and Andrea Fitzpatrick, 6th, 2:01.63.

100 Yard Breastroke – MT Taylor Barrett, 1st, 1:34.08 and Destiny Schook, 2nd, 1:34.31. WCH Casey Ramirez, 3rd, 1:48.57 and Sierra Peters, 4th, 1:57.61.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay – MT Addie Braden, Kaitlyn Taylor, Morgan Leasure, Clare Sollars, 1st, 4:46.60, and Gretchen Rife, Lilly Litteral, Allie Streitenberger, Taylor Barrett, 2nd, 5:26.24

Meet results for the Panthers and Blue Lion Boys:

200 Medley Relay – WCH Cameron Burns, Spencer Minyo, Liam Downing, Kyler Runk, 2nd, 2:12.94

200 Yard Freestyle – MT Hunter Howard, 2nd, 2:45.77 and Josh Liff, 3rd, 3:05.80. WCH Trevor Minyo, 4th, 3:06.07.

200 Yard IM – WCH Spencer Minyo, 1st, 2:51.35, WCH Cameron Burns, 4th, 3:29.14. MT Isaac Abare, 2nd, 3:16.34.

50 Yard Freestyle – MT Colten Sword 5th, 36.02 and Jacob Downing 6th, 37.24. WCH Liam Downing, 3rd, 26.84, Kyler Runk, 4th, 31.59.

100 Yard Butterfly – WCH Liam Downing, 1st, 1:08.85 and Kyler Runk, 3rd, 1:26.91.

100 Yard Freestyle – MT Justin Jones, 3rd, 1:15.92, and Kahlin Orso, 5th, 1:32.88. WCH Trevor Minyo, 4th, 1:25.88.

500 Yard Freestyle – MT Hunter Howard, 2nd, 7:44.08.

200 Freestyle Relay – MT Josh Liff, Hunter Howard, Kahlin Orso, Justin Jones, 4th, 2:17.57, MT Colten Sword, Hunter Roush, Jacob Downing, Trevor Throckmorton, 5th, 2:35.22. WCH Liam Downing, Spencer Minyo, Cameron Burns, Kyler Runk, 2nd, 2:00.04.

100 Yard Backstroke – MT Isaac Abare, 1st, 1:22.64 and Justin Jones, 4th, 1:48.92. WCH Cameron Burns, 2nd, 1:24.96.

100 Yard Breastroke – MT Hunter Roush, 4th, 1:48.16. WCH Spencer Minyo, 1st, 1:18.57.

400 Yard Freestyle Relay – MT Isaac Abare, Hunter Howard, Justin Jones, Josh Liff, 1st, 5:05.87, and Hunter Roush, Kahlin Orso, Jacob Downing, Trevor Throckmorton, 3rd, 5:55.22.

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