Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

The regular Perry Township board meeting was held on Oct. 12. Ryan Arledge and his parents attended, thanking the trustees for letting Ryan use the township hall kitchen for his Eagle Scout project and asking if they could put up a plaque signifying Ryan’s Boy Scout service project. The trustees thanked Ryan for his work, noting that the kitchen looked beautiful. Ryan then had a photo op with the board.

When authorizing October’s bills, trustee Dusty Smith reported that the county’s estimate on Bonner Road was 1,000 feet short, costing about $10,000 more for this additional paving of what Smith said was approximately 1/4 mile. The trustees had no other old business or new business.

Trustee Richard Wilson reported that the board just had to pay for the permits for the garage extension and that he would get with them to find out what the $226.67 permit is all about. Trustee Smith got rid of the tires at the county turn-in day and the county had the equivalent of 8,000 tires turned in. Smith also patched some holes with cold mix and plans to patch some more holes on Zimmerman. The $27,000 paving bill for Sturgeon Mill does not include the gravel.

The trustees decided to have the dump truck serviced, though mentioning first that it was a good idea to trade it in. Wilson said he could help Smith grease the truck. Smith said he would put the snow plow on the pickup and see how it works. Trustee Tom Creachbaum reminded that the hydraulic hoses on the pickup need replacing. Wilson said that prior to snow plowing, a marker should be placed by the Seyfang Drive on Fishback since part of the drive was tore out during last winter’s plowing.

In closing, Creachbaum noted that the meeting was short and sweet as the trustees were beginning to get their work done.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident