Concerned about hog farm

Dear Fayette citizens,

As a Fayette farm owner and resident, I am concerned about the proposed pig farm business interested in locating in Paint Township. My husband and I attended the Paint Township trustee meeting Thursday, Aug. 11.

After listening to speakers for and against the proposed business, I have some suggestions that would make me comfortable in stating that a business like that proposed is acceptable in our county. First of all, I think that any pig business over 750 pig capacity should have strict rules concerning how close to a stream it can be located and how close to existing homes it can be located.

Other businesses that wish to be located in farmland have to get approval of the trustees and nearby residents to have the area rezoned commercial. I think that any pig farm business that has over 1,000 pigs should have to do the same.

An important suggestion for us citizens living in Fayette County is to write or call our state representative, state senator, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture Director to ask that they write a bill to be passed in the Ohio Legislature to amend the current laws to decrease the size of pig businesses from 2,400 (now the limit) to 750 pigs, and to tighten the rules about runoff into local streams.

Our state senator is Bob Peterson (614-466-8156), our local state representative is Gary Scherer (614-644-7928) and the Ohio Department of Agriculture Director is David T. Daniels (1-800-750-0750).

Please let your concerns be known and don’t just sit by and think that someone else will speak for you.


Pat Parsons