Farming comes first

To the Editor,

I keep reading about the proposed hog operation and feel compelled to voice my opinion.

I lived about five miles north of Jeffersonville for about 15 years, right next to a hog confinement operation. I can’t remember ever smelling it once, although I probably did.

When I spread manure from my dairy cows it stunk and no one ever complained. I guess they just liked milk.

I live within sight of a large hog confinement operation now and my neighbors or myself have not had any objection that I know of. I have friends and relatives in the New Holland area where there is another confinement operation and nothing is being said. There is another on Bogus Road with houses across from it and no complaints.

When you live in an agriculture area, shouldn’t you be willing to accept the sights, sounds and smells of agriculture? Farming comes first. Our farmers provide us with an abundance of everything.

How very, very lucky we are. You have to produce it before you can eat it and nothing on a hog goes to waste. Take a look at the third world countries and count your blessings.

With our massive population increase, confinement is about the only answer to feeding the public.

Thank you,

Bob Hall

Good Hope