An open letter to Mr. Matthews

Mr. Matthews,

My name is Diana Herak. My mother is Anne (Craig) Droste, and my grandparents are the late Harry and Theresa Craig. I don’t know if you remember me, but I know your relationship with my family goes way back. I know you farmed the land that my grandparents owned. When it came time to sell that land, my family could have sold it to anyone, but they chose to sell it to YOU.

Can you imagine what my grandparents would say if they could see what’s happening now? You have threatened to allow the operation of a 2400-head hog farm NEXT DOOR to the residents of Jones Road (including my family members), destroying the tranquility of the neighborhood. Although you previously told my aunt and my cousin that this won’t affect them, or their neighbors, you are sorely mistaken.

This will negatively impact the countryside, property values, the stream that will be contaminated, the entire way of life of YOUR neighbors and friends. Indeed, these are all things you already know. If you didn’t, I’m sure you would be willing to live next door to this future monstrosity- but I highly doubt you are. Why then would you wish this upon others?

You have already caused so much distress and hurt in my family that it amazes me that you are still progressing with this plan. Is it really worth destroying these relationships? Will you really be able to live with yourself when all the damage has been done?

I’m sorry you’ve already proceeded with this plan as far as you have. Perhaps it’s not too late to correct perhaps the biggest mistake you’ve ever attempted to make? For your sake, and all the wonderful folks on Jones Road, I hope it’s not.

Please put your hog farm somewhere else, where it won’t disrupt the neighbors’ way of life.

Thanks for your consideration.

Diana Herak