Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

The regular monthly meeting of the Perry Township Trustees was held on Aug. 8. The trustees are moving forward with their plan to build an extension to the township garage to house the recently purchased pickup truck with a blade and other equipment.

As reported at the July meeting, renting the barn for the storage of the equipment is no longer an option as the barn is full of hay. Since the last meeting, trustee Richard Wilson has met with Harold Skaggs, Fayette County zoning official, and has obtained a permit in relation to the extension. The planned extension will bridge the township garage to the old grange hall with a roof, with a sliding door on either end so that equipment can be run straight through. Trustee Wilson has estimated a material cost of approximately $2,000. Wilson will put up the extension with the help of our part-time hire, J. T. The cost estimate does not include labor for the part-time hire.

The trustees were enthusiastic in their praise of our two part-time laborers. Trustee Tom Creachbaum said the roads look beautiful and that he received two phone calls about how great the roads are. He related that the recently hired part-time laborer, C.F., is able to use the mower arm to mow around telephone poles and in culverts. He described C. F. as very special.

The trustees commended our other part-time laborer, J.T., who was at the meeting, several times for his good job maintaining the cemeteries. It was noted that this was the first year that nobody has complained about the cemeteries. Now the cemeteries are mowed all the time and Trustee Creachbaum told J.T. that the trustees appreciate it and that he doesn’t know how much they appreciate it. Trustee Dusty Smith asked J.T. to spray Johnson grass on Walnut Creek Road. Also, he was asked to pick up limbs that C.F. was going to cut along the roads with the mower arm.

The trustees passed a motion to keep the artificial material and solar lights removed from the graves for two months. If not claimed, the materials will then be disposed. In discussing road and ditch repair, Trustee Creachbaum reported that the trustees need to do something about Sturgeon Mill Road. The road has bad potholes and someone even lost a mirror on a new truck when driving on Sturgeon Mill. The trustees agreed to pave this dead-end road next year.

At an Aug. 15 special meeting the trustees passed a resolution to pave Sturgeon Mill Road this year. Trustee Dusty Smith noted that Sturgeon Mill is just chip and sealed and is the only unpaved road in the township. Complaints have been received from the two residences on the road, farmers, the UPS man and the mail lady. The estimate is $27,012 to pave this approximately ¾ mile no outlet road.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident