Rallying behind Jill Craig’s cause

Dear Editor:

With admiration I read the July 20 editorial of Jill Craig: “An open letter to Duane Matthews regarding the hog farm.” This was the most interesting article I’ve seen in the Record-Herald in 20 years. I immediately telephoned two friends to urge them to read the editorial in its entirety, and both agreed with my extremely high opinion of the writing.

I wish I could help Ms. Craig in her quest to get the proposed factory farm, with its 2,400 sows and thousands of piglets, moved farther away from the residences of her family and neighbors on tranquil Jones Road outside Bloomingburg.

Growing up, I lived on a farm that included about 50 hogs and decades later I can still remember the unforgettable stench.

Here’s a suggestion: How about moving the mega-farm west to Iowa? Ohio is the country’s 10th most densely populated state, while Iowa is 34th. Plenty of space there, and in the heart of the corn belt, for a factory farm!


Sally Begin

Washington C.H.