Saddened by ‘lack of concern’

Dear Editor,

We were saddened to read the July 20 letter to the editor from Jill Craig concerning the mega-hog farm that is being planned to be built next to her family’s land on Jones Road. We are saddened because of the apparent lack of concern that the present owner of this land has for his neighbors. We do not know Mr. Matthews, so we will not pretend to understand his motivations. However, it does seem to be a trend in our society today that people make decisions based only on what is best for their personal interests and overlook how these decisions affect others. Community – working together for the common good – is so important, maybe even more so in today’s world.

Ms. Craig did an excellent job of citing examples of how neighbors have helped neighbors – how those folks on Jones Road depend on each other. This is what makes communities strong and vital. It seems that this is the reason that Mr. Matthews even owns this land after he had been a good neighbor to the Craig family in the past. When we stop caring about how our actions affect others, we are heading in a dangerous direction.

We applaud Ms. Craig for her passion and desire to save her family home and the other homes on Jones Road and the surrounding area and would respectfully ask Mr. Matthews to please reconsider his decision.

Dick and Maggie Glass

New Holland