Concerned about hog farm

Letter to the Editor:

I am concerned about the mega-farm that may be going in on Jones Road outside Bloomingburg. It is very inconsiderate of Duane Matthews to lease this land near people’s homes on Jones Road. If a farmer wants to lease his land to put something like this hog factory on his land, there should be more acreage away from other people to put this on. If Dee has 20 acres close to his own home, why doesn’t he lease that?

Nobody wants to have 2,400 pigs living next to them. There is a BIG difference between 200 and 2,400 pigs. Legislation needs to be changed so this will not happen, but I’m afraid it may be too late for the people on Jones Road. I hope that I’m wrong and that Dee can and will change his mind on this terrible idea.


Cassandra Furlong

Resident of Fayette Co., Madison Twp.