Perry Township Happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

At the June 13 Perry Township board meeting, our trustees moved to sell the old pickup truck for the high bid of $319.53. They also approved hiring Chris Ford as a part-time laborer at $11.50 an hour to mow the roads.

Trustee Tom Creachbaum said it was his opinion that the three trustees would all be available and could handle the snow plowing themselves, without hiring a part-time person to do the plowing. Creachbaum noted that one of the trustees can drive the big truck with another one running the recently purchased truck with a snow blade to clear the intersections. This should make the snow plowing go faster.

Creachbaum reported that the hydraulic hoses on the snow blade truck are rotten and need replacement before winter. The trustees addressed the issue first raised at the May meeting about the recently purchased truck with the snow blade not fitting into the township barn along with the other equipment. The trustees agreed to temporarily rent space for a monthly fee of $50 while planning to add a lean-to extension to the township barn. Trustee Dick Wilson estimated that such an extension would cost around $1,000 or about two years’ cost of renting space. Wilson said that he would erect the extension himself, which he thought would take a day, and in this way save the township money for labor.

The trustees agreed to pay the part-time laborer who mows the cemeteries to help Wilson on this. Also, Creachbaum said he could help if the extension was built in the fall and Trustee Dusty Smith said that he, too, could help. Ryan Arledge from Washington Boy Scout Troop 112 and his mother presented the final plans for Ryan’s Eagle rank community service project for the township hall kitchen.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township Resident