Memorial Day always special in WCH

By Joe Denen

School is out and Memorial Day has been observed. Summer flowers have appeared throughout the community. A cool spring is rapidly fading into true summer weather.

I wanted to take a moment and thank the community for the recent Memorial Day events. I have always been proud of the observance at the Old Washington Cemetery on the Friday before Memorial Day and the traditional program on Memorial Day at the Washington Cemetery.

Memorial Day is an exercise in remembrance and appreciation. In Washington Court House, veterans, the high school band, family and friends gather to honor the price of freedom. Some years we learn a point about local history or a bit about the experiences of a particular veteran.

Every year I note familiar faces. To that end, I would like to thank the following council members, Jim Chrisman, Dale Lynch and Ted Hawk for taking the time on Memorial Day to attend the Washington Cemetery Services. Further, I noted former council members Bill Link, Ben Roby and Steve Jennings in attendance.

Similarly, I don’t recall a service at the Old Washington Cemetery without one or more of the Fayette County Commissioners. This year, Mr. Dan Dean’s reference to “Decoration Day” touched my memory. Decoration Day was a phrase used by my great-grandmother.

I have noted the attendance of local public officials to highlight the importance of Memorial Day. I understand that everyone can’t attend every year and other services take place in Fayette County. Simply, I would like to thank everyone for their participation and thank our local veterans.

Along with focusing effort on the cemetery, the administration has invested effort in the Washington Industrial Park. In an industrial park certification program sponsored by the State of Ohio, nearly 400 sites were submitted for certification. Twenty-eight sites were chosen from the 400 to move to the next phase of selection. I am proud to report to you that our industrial park was one of those sites.

Ultimately, only 20 sites will be certified by the State of Ohio. Fortunately, we are also in the process of completing a similar certification process generously sponsored by DP&L. I believe that participation in the DP&L process puts us in a good position in an extremely competitive field.

Certification is intended to make industrial sites more attractive and marketable to potential clients. The certification process itself is basically the elimination of questions and barriers to a property’s development. Simply, shovel ready and questions answered.

I hope you have a great summer.

Joe Denen is the city manager of the City of Washington Court House.

By Joe Denen