Set the people free

By Larry L. Mowery - Jeffersonville resident

The vast majority of the legal citizens in this country have bowed down and kissed the ring of the elite, power-obsessed politicians, and un-elected bureaucrats long enough. Almost two months later we are no closer to getting this country back to any form of normal. As a past liberal, progressive and former Presidential advisor said: Never let a crisis go by without using it to progress their agenda.

We listen to supposed experts make statements on a daily basis that are consistently misleading, exaggerated, and continue to exert fear into the general public. As of May 8, there are 19 cases in Fayette County with no deaths, so the rest of us in the county (some 25,000-plus), are being held hostage. Do the math. This makes no common sense.

Citizens of this great country, stop and look at the big picture and smell the roses. We, as taxpaying, hardworking adults, can make our own common sense choices. Most of us are tired of being talked down to like children and being treated like prisoners, when we have done nothing wrong. It is time to remind the power hungry bureaucrats that they work for us and we should demand to be treated with respect.

We have tried their way long enough. It is time for citizens of this great country to stand up and start taking their FREEDOMS and country back. We have allowed ourselves to be put under house arrest trying to do the right thing, while every week we get more rules and restrictions. This is their way of implementing their power to see how far we will let them go. It is like the bully on the playground and until you push back they will continue to take advantage of you.

Yes, the virus is real and yes, we have to deal with it. But you do not overcome or solve a problem by hiding from it. There are plenty of illnesses that are out there that we encounter unknowingly on a regular basis. People die every day of something. Some illnesses have cures and vaccines, and some illnesses do not. We have always accepted the risk of life or death in our free society. There is not a perfect society (Bubble Boy) and there will never be one. As in the past when these type of things occur, there is always a time of uncertainty but eventually a lot of the cases find vaccines or treatments, but not all.

The statistics on this virus do not come anywhere close to some past health crises that we have got past without these current extreme measures being implemented.

Many of our elite leaders seem to be more focused on letting prisoners out of jail, taking care of people here illegally, and giving away money like candy to people who in many cases do not contribute to the system. It appears to me that the hardworking taxpayers of this country are being put at the bottom of the list to these bureaucrats.

As has been said — if it looks like a pig, walks like a pig, and smells like a pig: It’s probably a pig. Citizens, open your eyes to what is currently happening, do not be complacent or passive about this. Freedom does not come free and if we continue to put our heads in the sand, we as a nation will continue to lose our FREEDOMS that we so take for granted and cherish.

By Larry L. Mowery

Jeffersonville resident