We can fight COVID 19 together

By Joe Denen - WCH City Manager

Recently, the State of Ohio issued a “Stay at Home” order. I know that actions like this cause many citizens discomfort, uncertainty and economic hardship. All of the public health restrictions and actions have been taken to address the threat of the COVID 19 virus. Together, we can make a difference in slowing the advance of the virus.

Understand and comply with the Stay at Home order. If we are to avoid the images of human suffering emerging from places like northern Italy, we need to cooperate with the letter and spirit of the order. The cooperation of the public is vital to efforts to slow the progress of the COVID 19 virus. Your individual actions have a tremendous impact on public health.

Our attention to the existing directives from public health authorities must improve. We must maintain social distance between people. We must cover coughs and sneezes. We must wash our hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

The Stay at Home order is far short of a directive to remain confined to our homes. Grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare offices, many government offices and public parks remain open. While public parks remain open, do not permit your children to play on playground equipment.

I know that playground equipment will be a temptation for our kids. However, sick children playing on playground equipment can expose healthy children to the COVID 19 virus. We know that some infected people can display little if any symptoms. The risk of close contact between kids enjoying playground equipment is simply too great.

Garbage collection, law enforcement, fire, EMS, transportation and other basic services will continue. We are still able to get dine out food. Travel on streets and roads is not restricted. However, to the extent possible, we need to limit travel and stay at home. Please continue to care for at-risk members of our community.

With spring approaching, spring flowers and flowering trees will be a welcome distraction for our troubled minds. We can continue to enjoy the outdoors. However, we need to use common sense and not congregate in groups. Take a walk. Ride a bicycle. Walk the dog. Always remember to maintain social distance. The more closely we observe public health directives the sooner this test of our nerves will end.

Fayette County Public Health, Fayette Memorial Hospital, our EMS Services, Fire, Sheriff, Police, City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and a host of other organizations are working together to help get us through this danger. Nevertheless, you must do your part. The next several days are critical to slowing the progress of the virus. Please help yourself, your loved ones and our community by observing public health directives.

We can fight COVID 19 together.

Joe Denen

City Manager

City of Washington Court House



By Joe Denen

WCH City Manager