Reasons we shouldn’t legalize marijuana

By Verne Haugen - Pharmacist

Before medical marijuana returns to the ballot again, and it will, some facts need to be reviewed….true facts not paid TV ads paid for by the proponents who wish to have it legalized as “Medical Marijuana.”

There is on the market an oral medication, called Marinol, that is FDA approved. It contains the same active ingredient as marijuana, THC. Big difference is of course it is standardized, tested and always contains the exact amount of THC. This is of course not true of the raw plant. The percent of THC varies from plant to plant. You never know what you are going to get which is quite dangerous. Besides Marinol, there are other prescription drugs that are much more effective and safe as mandated by the FDA. These are prescribed according to the medical problems the patient is enduring. Don’t be swayed by deceptive advertising.

Some side effects of consuming marijuana: dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, hallucinations, mood and mental changes, rapid heart beat, anxiety, paranoia and euphoria. There is no clinical data regarding marijuana compatibility with prescription drugs the patient might also be taking.

So why are proponents still advocating its usage? Because people like its delivery system – inhalation and mixed with foods. There have been some serious results from small children ingesting brownies laced with pot. Marijuana is the gateway to much more powerful drugs which are the scourge of our society. Cocaine – crack cocaine – Oxycontin – meth and the ever popular heroin.

If it passes then goodie – we will now be able to smoke pot, drink alcohol and drive at the same time.

The fight will then follow to legalize recreational marijuana. It would have an age limit for its usage the same as for tobacco and alcohol. When has that stopped a teenager and even younger?

Some increased negative results include more ER visits, increased burdens on already overburdened law enforcement agents. The reason for this is of course billions of dollars collected by the scum who sell it.

The message recreational marijuana imparts is that it is safe to use. We must prove this is wrong – way wrong. These illegal drugs exist in all social and economic levels. Do we really need another recreational drug besides alcohol? Alcohol is a dead issue, here to stay. Marijuana is the issue before us today.

By Verne Haugen


Verne Haugen is a local pharmacist.

Verne Haugen is a local pharmacist.