‘Real choices, real change’ in WCH

Dear Editor:

I do not say this lightly, Jason Gilmore and Kathie Oesterle are the real choices, real change Washington Court House so desperately needs. We cannot allow or endure four more years of stagnation. They have plans for the technological future of the city, infrastructure improvements, transparency reforms, term limits, job and economic investment, and a holistic plan to tackle the opioid epidemic by implementing the former plans to prevent our brothers and sisters from turning to drugs in the first place.

To date, Jason and Kathie, along with their volunteers, have knocked on over 2,000 doors, mailed over 3,200 mailers, dispersed digital ads reaching over 9,000 city residents, held two fundraisers, and raised over $7,000 between contributions and in-kind donations! By the way, with all the money they have raised, every purchase has been made through union shops that live up to our American ideals—they print in America, source materials from America, pay a great wage to their employees, and produce materials that are 100% recyclable. Every single item! —t-shirts, yard signs, window signs, banners, mailers, door hangers, cups, everything! Furthermore, they were endorsed by AFSCME Ohio Power in Action which is the endorsement arm of the AFSCME Ohio Council 8 that represents our city employees.

Do we want to talk about living up to what we preach, wonder if the other candidates have done like we have? I think in a week, some in the city will be surprised, but I will know what I have known all along. If you run a straightforward campaign that gives the people what they want, lives up to your word, and is innovative—you will win.

Dylan L. Page

670 Duffy Drive

Washington Court House, OH 43160