Council candidates create excitement

Dear Editor:

This is the most excited I have been for a local election in years. We have two highly qualified candidates for City Council that will be a great voice for our city and its people. I recently met Kathie and have known Jason for years and I cannot voice how great having both Kathie Oesterle and Jason Gilmore on Council would be for our community.

With plans for our technological future, jobs and infrastructure, and cost-saving measures, I believe they are the most deserving of my vote. We need real, structural change in our thinking when it comes to the revitalization of Washington Court House; Kathie and Jason have it.

I say all of this being a downtown, small business owner. Kathie and Jason are our real chance to see individuals take charge and accomplish proactive, innovative, and realistic goals for our community while maintaining a fiscal mindset but creative outlook. I look forward to casting my vote for two community minded, smart, and caring individuals next Tuesday that will only better us and our city. And hope all of you will support them as well. Vote Kathie Oesterle and Jason Gilmore!

Holly Heath

1213 Countryside Drive

Washington Court House, OH