The vision for our city’s future

Dear Editor:

I have never been prouder of my wife than now. She has opened herself up to the public and held her head high even as those among us have went low. Kathie has always been a fighter, and I know she will be a great one for our citizens. Further, so will Jason Gilmore. Jason graduated with my oldest daughter and has always been an upstanding young man. Many of you may know me from Steen’s; I have seen our community fall into disrepair since its heyday, but I believe we have candidates to turn that back around. When I worked downtown, we had three jewelry stores, two pharmacies, hardware and home goods stores, department stores, a movie theater, and many restaurants. It’s about time we have some of those things back!

I am not saying Kathie and Jason have all the answers, but I can tell you four more years of minimal growth is not something our city can endure long-term. We cannot allow ourselves to continue to fall behind so many in our region because of lack of leadership, vision, and/or backbone. Therefore, I will gladly cast my ballot for Kathie Oesterle and Jason Gilmore on Election Day because they have the vision for our city’s future that I want to be a part of.

Ronald Oesterle

670 Duffy Drive

Washington Court House, OH