‘Onward and upward’ with Gilmore, Oesterle

Dear Editor:

I would like to urge my fellow citizens to vote for Kathie Oesterle and Jason Gilmore on November 5th for Washington Court House City Council. Many people have asked why they are running as a team instead of individuals and I’d like to address that concern. As many of you know, it takes cooperation and collaboration in order to get anything accomplished. Both Oesterle and Gilmore have spoken at length on what they would like to see happen in our great city and how to go about it. If both are elected they can present as a unified front, both encouraging and wrestling with one another in order to come up with the best possible solution.

They are both pro-business and pro-smaller local government. I am a small business owner and I have spoken to both of them about how progress is impeded because of red tape. Both are in agreement that certain restrictions and processes should be streamlined. Both are outspoken, albeit Gilmore can be much more boisterous than Oesterle-they balance one another well.

I attended high school with Gilmore-we got in trouble for talking in study hall and I played sports with Oesterle’s daughter in high school. Both candidates are doer’s….not talkers. Neither want to meet, table a discussion, then divide into sub committees-they want action-NOW!

If I need an event catered and I want it to look and taste amazing-I call Gilmore. He doesn’t need his hand held. He is a self starter and is motivated by his perfectionist nature. If I want to know what I should wear or what should be done to stage a home that I am listing-I call him. He tells me the hard truth. If something is ugly-he’ll say so. If he doesn’t think the venue is the right venue-he says so. I may not agree and I may not like it-but I can always count on the truth.

Oesterle is just a sweet lady-someone you can trust. If you need her to look over your presentation, make corrections or help you with your delivery-she will lovingly give you advice and then ask you if you need a ride. She is a hard worker. She has canvassed this entire city…knocking on doors, talking to everyone she meets about how she can help them-not herself-but how she will work for them.

This kind of integrity, action and forward thinking is what we need on council. They are both pro the Ohio Checkbook, which allows us to go online and find out what employee is being paid what, what vendor won the contract and how our tax dollar is being spent. This is critical when it comes to looking at our budget and finding solutions to problems. Neither of them are afraid of growth. They know that hindering growth also hinders businesses from locating to Fayette County. They also know there is a great need for quality employees who need to be trained for jobs that are currently available.

I hope you join me in casting your vote for both Jason Gilmore and Kathie Oesterle-onward and upward!

Angela Williams-Gebhardt