Sharing a vision for Washington C.H.

Dear Editor of the Record Herald,

Speaking as one of the Candidates for Washington Court House City Council, I wish to express my appreciation for the opportunity to answer questions of interest to our fellow citizens regarding the upcoming election on November 5th, and have them printed in the Record Herald. The questions were all encompassing and gave me a chance to share with the interested public my platform and views. Your reporter Jennifer, has been very accommodating to all candidates and has given us all a level playing field. The importance of a Free Press has been shown to be still at work in our local community. Of course after I submitted my answers there have been other questions which have arisen from interested voters, which I address on my Facebook Page “JAMES BLAIR FOR WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE CITY COUNCIL.” I would encourage all citizens to visit this page and leave any questions or comments which they may have. I also am aware that all city council candidates except one, has their own Facebook page which I encourage everyone to view for more details on their plans for our city.

Running for city council has been an eye opening experience for me, and meeting many in the public has renewed my faith in our community. Although we do have problems in our community, the majority of our citizens are caring people who want nothing but the best for our city. I encourage citizens to become involved in the political process by attending city council meetings and asking questions to city officials. For those who are unable to attend, it is my hope that in the future all city council meetings will be videotaped and uploaded for viewing to the general public.

Any who have followed my campaign from the beginning know that one of my main reasons for running was greater transparency and citizen involvement in our city government. In no way am I suggesting anything underhanded has been occurring within the current administration, but I believe there are additional ways to assure the public that business is being conducted honestly and openly.

If I am elected I will leave my Facebook Page active and encourage citizens with concerns to access my page and leave their comments and share their concerns. This will give citizens access to one of their city leaders 24-7.

Thanks again for allowing me to share my vision for our city through your media outlet.


James (Jim) Blair