Redd-Hernandez responds to allegations

Dear Editor,

Recently, a citizen filed complaints against me, Kendra Redd-Hernandez in the Court of Common Pleas and Probate Court. As of October 21, 2019, all charges were dismissed by the respective judges. I have done nothing wrong, illegal or unethical. These allegations were an attempt to cast a shadow on my 17 years as a successful business woman in Washington C.H. and my four years as a hardworking, dedicated Councilwoman.

Needless to say, this campaign has been very hard on me and my family. Friendships and business relationships have been tested. And as in all difficult situations, we find out who our true supporters are. For those who have stood beside me and helped with my campaign…thank you! And thank you to the majority of my Co-Council for their unwavering faith in my integrity.

Being a member of City Council is a team effort which requires honesty, respect, trust and the ability to collectively work for the greater good. It requires courage and a strong conviction.

I love this city and I believe in its potential. I also believe that change is inevitable. There is good change and bad change. We have to choose the right change at the right time. I believe that growth is a work of heart. And for the last four years, I have put 100% of my heart into making our community better. I would love to continue to do so.


Choosing your thoughts and actions

based on values rather than personal gain. ~unknown


Kendra Redd-Hernandez

Washington C.H., OH 43160