Belong. Believe. Be-love.

By Trey Tompkins

These are the three most pursued human desires.

The first is to belong. We are born into this. Given parents, family, and community. Some circumstances are harder, some are much easier. Have grace for both. Either way, you are born into it because you were meant to be, and you are strong enough to persevere with it. No matter what you have been taught and have learned about that circumstance.

The second is to believe. What can I say about this one? It is broken. Hurting right now. This is the most vulnerable of our desires because it has the most creative power. We sell this one away too easily. Buying into something else. Utilize what you already have. Buy into nothing else. This one is your wealth.

The third is to be-love. It is the essence of who we are. To the core, we are love. We’re dynamic rays of light reflecting through the prism of the human mind. This cannot be seen. It can only be felt.

Exercise has taught me a lot of things. Most of all, how to unlearn and break the chains of conditioned thought. It has happened because I have taken ownership of the way I respond to life’s demands. When I am not in command of my health it allows other people to be. Which, end result, is a draining path.

When we are drained we do not pursue. There is less desire and doubt gains leverage over our decisions. We will have really cool and creative ideas, but no way of thought on how to make them come true.

For me, it is going back and understanding the essential human desires. First, I belong in the body that has been given to me. It allows me to breathe and experience captivating moments of nature.

Second, I believe in transformation. Not of the surface things such as looks, but rather of the intuitive senses that I can achieve great feats not imaginable.

Third, I be-love that every single one of us brings unique and interesting perspective into the world. It helps us to enjoy life and live with passion as we share with others.

By Trey Tompkins

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.