The mudslinging must end for city’s sake

By Kathie Oesterle - and Jason Gilmore - Guest Columnists

Fellow citizens, we must reject the mudslinging and derogatory nature of this election cycle being perpetuated by many actors. We cannot allow this to continue to divide our city and end friendships. We have been out canvassing the city over the past two months and have seen how much we all care about our city’s future—a bright future which every candidate running for city council wants. There are many ways to achieve that goal, and that is exactly what we must decide in this election. A choice for the correct policies and leaders for our future.

From canvassing, we have been able to see ideas differently than before and learn what Washington C.H. wants out of its government. We hope this quest for congruency in voter responsiveness is one of the qualifying features and our character that constituents will judge us on, along with every other candidate on the ballot. We were deeply troubled by the ways some have targeted our campaign in a smear, from a so-called investigative journalist to other candidates and their supporters feeding off this drama. They fail to see the underlying goal of this said individual: to make everyone retreat into their corners, point fingers, spread lies, and then watch Washington C.H. implode from within.

Let us publicly and unilaterally condemn the horrendous display of misconceptions, lies, and cowardice towards us and others and affirm our mission to serve the City of Washington Court House to the best of our ability. We would like to wish our opponents the best of luck and hope all citizens of the city turnout to participate in our great constitutional democracy and reject the disgusting politics being displayed.

Kathie Oesterle and Jason Gilmore are both candidates running for Washington C.H. City Council. Find more about them at

By Kathie Oesterle

and Jason Gilmore

Guest Columnists