City workers are the ‘epitome of service’

Dear Editor,

Our city service department personnel carry out so many important and helpful tasks for us, such as moving snow, mowing the parks, patching holes, and far too many other items to list. But none, in my opinion, were as noble and noteworthy as what I witnessed recently on Columbus Avenue.

While out for a morning run, I came upon a distraught lady standing in the street, hands to her face, sobbing, while looking at her cat lying on the street at her feet. Cars had to stop and then pull around to avoid her. About that time, a city service truck turned around and went to her aid. Caution lights were turned on and a worker got out to assist her.

I was touched that these city workers took the time to help a fellow citizen during a moment of sadness and crisis. How easy it would have been to drive on by and attend to some “important” city business. But obviously, these workers totally understand their business is “service” in whatever calling or form it may appear.

My gratitude goes out to the City Service Department and these thoughtful workers. I cannot think of a more compassionate, kinder act of service to be offered. You are the epitome of “service.”

Jon R. Creamer

1101 Riverside Drive