Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

At the May 13 Perry Township board meeting the trustees moved to purchase at a quote of $2,578 “OnSpot” chains from Henderson Products, Inc. for our snow plow truck. Since the snow plow truck is currently at Western Star in Lima having five recall updates, trustee Tom Creachbaum noted that this would be an opportune time to have the chains installed.

The trustees also approved a sale price of $7,500 for three of the “Tigner” lots that the township owns. Trustee Dusty Smith said that this price would cover the cost the township has in tearing down the “Tigner” house. Discussing cemetery updates, our part-time hire J.T. inquired if prisoners could be used to do trimming (weed eating) around the cemeteries. Trustee Smith questioned if the prisoners would be allowed to do trimming. Smith went on to say that we would not have enough work to keep a crew busy and that he has contacted community services in the past about cemetery maintenance and they have not been interested.

Trustee Creachbaum reported that two people want to buy lots in Sugar Grove Cemetery and he asked for help in figuring out which lots are available for purchase. The problem in determining lots goes back to the 2012 settlement between Sugar Grove Church and the township. At that time the church purchased from the township some of the cemetery land that the church wanted for its use. The township cannot locate an updated map of the cemetery as provided by the church, and by now the minister and some of the congregation, including the individual doing the survey, are no longer with the church. Trustee Smith said he would help Creachbaum locate available lots. Creachbaum indicated that this situation should not go on any longer and the trustees decided to see if J. Binegar could help them straighten out the location of the cemetery lots.

Some old business updates included: D. Jones has inquired as to why an alley in New Martinsburg has not been graveled, as this request was made last May. The matter will be brought to the attention of Trustee Dick Wilson, who is overseeing the project. The occupancy greater than three months of the camper at the edge of New Martinsburg has resolved itself as the occupant is in jail. The resident of the property of concern on Greenfield-Sabina Road has mowed its grass and the certified letter has not been returned to the township.

Fiscal officer Brenda Hughes reported that the findings of the township’s audit have been received and that basically everything is OK.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident