Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

Am writing about some of the issues covered during the March 11 and April 8 Perry Township board meetings. In March the trustees approved the paving of Zimmerman Road for a little over $63,000, and at the April meeting trustee Dusty Smith informed that the engineer will start the work on the Zimmerman culvert in about three weeks. The trustees agreed to patch a large pothole on Sturgeon Mill Road and to repair a large piece of broken berm on Ghormley Road. Trustee Tom Creachbaum reported that the road and reflective signs are missing at Bonner and Barrett.

As directed by the trustees in February, fiscal officer Brenda Hughes sent letters of notice to owners of two properties of concern in the township. In reviewing these issues at the April meeting, it was noted that the individual is still living in the camper on the property located at the edge of New Martinsburg. Since the camper has now been occupied for three months, the trustees agreed to refer this situation to Harold Skaggs, county zoning. Also, the former Everhart property junk has been removed from the Greenfield-Sabina property. However, since considerable stuff still remains on the property, the trustees decided to resend the letter of notice, which had been returned unopened, to the land owner.

Trustee Tom Creachbaum mentioned that there is another property on York Road near other homes that has a lot of accumulated stuff in the yard. In March a resolution was passed that the township would work directly with the engineer’s and Soil and the Water Conservation office to get the Sugar Grove Road water issue resolved. Updated maps of the township cemeteries are being drawn up and, when completed, will be posted in the township office. A person requested that the township locate and raise up corner stones on a cemetery lot, but the township does not do that kind of work.

At the March meeting trustee Dick Wilson reported that he found needles in the alley by the township buildings, and to discourage such activity put up a very bright light in the area. The trustees decided to locate other bright lights around the township property. Wilson also reported that the addition to the township garage was completed with the exception of sliding doors, which are to be installed pending good weather.

The township this year is having its routine three-year audit by the state auditor. The auditor has suggested that monies from very old trust funds be absorbed into the general fund as there are not records that go back to when the trusts were established.

A person is interested in buying two of the “Tigner” property lots now owned by the township. The trustees asked our FO to come up with a value for the two lots. Trustee Smith said he would like to keep some of the lots should the township need to build something in the future.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township Resident