Taxes, taxes & more taxes

The commissioners once again are asking for the property owners to pay out more money. Where does it stop?

Between Miami Trace already getting a big piece of the pie, especially the way they went about it, but that’s water under the bridge now. Not long ago the commissioners got a levy passed for this EMS, which the people in Jeffersonville are getting a double whammy.

They say that on a $100,000 home the increase would be $66.50 a year. Doesn’t sound like much, but add that to all the other levies that are only going to cost so much, and how much you have going out…and we all know how that goes. More or less a sales gimmick because in all actuality, how much more was our property taxes?

Of course they can use the excuse that we had a reassessment, which they knew that was going to take place anyway. It probably is true the jail needs to be replaced….find another way!

The property owners are getting tired of paying for everything, especially when most of the offenders aren’t even property owners, the same with this EMS, you somehow got passed. The biggest cost on that are the druggies who keep overdosing four to five times, and then you want us to pay for housing them?

Here is an idea, the EMS levy which is supposed to be a three-year temporary tax, when that time is up, flip it to go for the new jail.

How is a person on a fixed income supposed to survive? With the state wanting to add more taxes on gasoline, we just simply are taxed too much. At least that takes in everyone. Why is all the burden put on property owners? What does the commissioners do to bring in new business?

I also know that there are programs already in place to supposedly help those who supposedly want to better themselves…trouble is they are not monitored the way it should be.

Jim Cooper

Fayette County resident