Thinking of the less fortunate this Thanksgiving


As I sit in my warm home on Nov. 15 and look out at my yard, I see the ice storm damage to all of our trees and bushes. Branches are on the ground everywhere. Then I thought how thankful I am to have a warm home on this day. I think of those who are homeless, cold, hungry and have no warm clothes.

Where are they today? How will they keep warm, where will they go to eat this evening? Then in my mind I am very saddened. Why am I worried about trees when others are worried about a place to sleep, warm clothes and a warm meal?

At this time of year we think about the Pilgrims and how hard their life was and yet forget about our neighbors right here in Fayette County today. When we gather around our tables this Thanksgiving, let’s not only think about what we are thankful for, but how we can make the next holiday better for those who are without the necessities of life.

Try inviting an older neighbor to a meal, volunteer at our food pantries or just donate money to that Santa ringing his bell at Walmart or Kroger.


Sandra Sowash