City Schools: Good stewards of taxpayer money


I am honored to write in support of the Washington Court House City School District and their earned income tax proposal on the ballot this upcoming November. I can think of several reasons to support this issue.

First, Washington Court House City Schools has a long history of being good stewards of their money. They run a tight ship, tighten their belts when needed and do not ask for money often. The last time the district asked for operating money was in the 1990s.

Secondly, your child’s education depends on it. Washington Court House City Schools’ ability to attract and retain excellent teachers depends to a large part, on a competitive salary schedule. Excellent teachers will not consider coming here or worse, once here, leave in search of a more competitive salary.

Finally, Washington Court House City Schools has an enviable history of supporting their schools. The people have supported every request for operating money over the years, which makes this school district’s support a huge asset.

In closing, I encourage your support of Washington Court House City Schools on the ballot in the upcoming election in November.

Keith Brown