Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

During updates at the May 14 Perry Township board meeting, trustee Dusty Smith informed that he put the new snow plow truck tag and insurance in the same envelope, and fiscal officer Brenda Hughes noted that this truck is set to go. Also, the new Hustler 54” inch mower is in (JD Equipment), but the seat was not installed as of Saturday, and trustee Smith will inform when the mower is ready so that the old one can be taken up and the new one brought down.

Regarding roads, Smith said that the culvert work is completed and paving will begin June 10. Regarding the abandoned road, the concerned property owner found records that the road had officially been declared closed many years ago, so this is no longer an issue. The trustees received a letter of notification from the Ohio EPA that two sites in Perry Township owned and operated by Ollie Sponcil are included in Washington Court House WWTP biosolids management program.

Mr. Spolowah informed the board about the opportunity for an outdoor recreation facility grant. Mr. Spolowah reported that Fayette County has been allotted $35,000 for such grants to be allocated among the townships and city, and money not spent must be turned back to the state. Grants must be filed by June 1. The Barrett Road property owners who have a problem with runoff water from the farm across the road returned to this month’s meeting with their concerns. They have just discovered, while doing renovations on their house, that the runoff water has caused significant structural damage and they are again asking for correction of this drainage problem. In pursuing this since the last township meeting, the residents found what appears to be a grey area between the county and township regarding responsibility.

The commissioners’ office stated that the township has historical records about the culverts and ditches that the property owners need for the VA and their mortgage company. The board was doubtful if the township’s archive contains such information, with trustee Smith saying that the county engineer’s office should have this record. Trustee Smith also stated that the problem cannot be eliminated by ditching the farm property across the road, as the land runs uphill and the ditch would have to be six feet deep, which would be too dangerous. And the farm owner does not want ditching. Instead, he suggested an eight inch drainage pipe, which the homeowners believe would be inadequate.

Trustee Smith said that there is not enough room in the right-of-way to install a catch basin and tile. In order to make any ditching sufficient, the township would have to obtain a right-of-way from the farmer who owns the property from which the water is draining and also from their neighbors. The property owners contacted County Commissioner Dan Dean about this drainage problem and Dean is to follow-up with them the coming day. The residents ended this rather lengthy exchange by asking the trustees to do what is right for them as property owners in Perry Township.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident