Auditor’s Office is ‘efficiently operated’


Fifty-eight years ago, I settled in Fayette County. My family was raised here and went to school at Miami Trace. While participating in community activities, I have observed tendencies in our local politics. I have been observing the most recent race for County Auditor. Both candidates are upstanding citizens and highly respected as good family people, however, this does not qualify one for such an important position that is being contested this primary on May 8.

I highly recommend Mr. Coole for this position because the short time he has been in charge he has exposed the failed management that has cost thousands of dollars, maybe even more. This in itself validates his expertise to continue as County Auditor.

The office is currently being efficiently operated by Mr. Coole with significant savings for our Fayette County taxpayers. I have observed many political signs locally. I see the good ole boy system is still at play in Fayette County.

Finally, Mr. Coole has demonstrated his ability to handle this job and his performance has brought serious to a question to my mind concerning the people who oversee this office. Why was this office so poorly run for so many years? Be smart, vote for Mr. Coole for County Auditor.


Sonny Walters