Mossbarger’s experience ‘speaks for itself’

Fayette County voters:

I am seeking election to the Republican Central Committee in precinct 3F. Since I am asking for your support, I believe you should know exactly where I stand on certain county issues.

First, the lawsuit against the Republican Central Committee for violating the Sunshine Law. This was totally avoidable and would have been dismissed had the committee called for a re-vote immediately. By not calling for a timely re-vote, the committee wasted just shy of $10,000 in attorneys’ fees and court costs. This was reckless and irresponsible and my mission has been to “make over” the committee. I welcome the following new members to the committee, Larry Schriver, Mike Meadows, Dennis O’Cull and wish for Glenn Rankin; Lyle Ranson; Bryanna Gibbs; Dave Edwards; Jeff Schlichter; Gregg Phipps; Steve Begin; Alfred Cornell; Joni Sword; Janet Anderson and Jack McDaniel. Good luck in the upcoming election.

Second, the Auditor’s race. The knowledge and experience Brenda has acquired during her 20 years in the office speaks for itself. With the exception of cutting the staff, Brenda was aware of the issues that needed attention and was in the process of doing most of the same things Mr. Coole is taking credit for. I was supporting Brenda even before she decided to run for Auditor.

Here is what I know about Brenda: She was born and raised in Fayette County; the daughter of former Auditor Mary Lou Joseph and Maynard Joseph, owner/operator of the frozen food locker; a 1978 graduate of Miami Trace High School; worked as a dental assistant for Dr. Martin and later as an unemployment representative for Gates McDonald, a division of Nationwide, all before working in the Auditor’s Office. I bought FFA fruit from her daughters, and have worked with her on a daily basis for over 17 years. During those 17 years she has proven herself to be a people person, always willing to go the extra mile to assist the public with whatever issues they may have. She is a hard worker and, until recently, has worked two jobs to enable her to assist her daughters with their college expenses. She has been married to her husband Jim for 29 years.

What do I know about Aaron Coole? He has a college degree; worked for North Central Insulation; owned and operated two Sears stores; married Colleen Beatty; has two children; and moved to Washington C.H. in 2010. I also know that after the lawsuit was filed alleging the vote appointing him Auditor violated the law, he took office anyway. What I do not know about Mr. Coole: where did he grow up; did his parents work; what college did he attend; where did he meet his wife; and why did he choose to be sworn into office knowing a lawsuit was pending alleging the vote appointing him was illegal? These things may seem trivial to some people, but I want to know as much as possible about the candidates vying for my vote.

At the Kiwanis’ Meet the Candidates Night, Mr. Coole stated he knew “unequivocally” that had Brenda been appointed to the Auditor’s position, the lawsuit would never have been filed. I disagreed with him, as no one can predict what may or may not have happened. What I do know “unequivocally” is this, the vote violated the law. Brenda would never have permitted herself to be sworn into office until the issue had been resolved!

I am asking that we all take the time to vote and let our voices be heard.

Cathy Templin

Fayette County Recorder