Coole: A man of ‘exceptional character’

Dear Editor,

The voters of Fayette County will soon be electing the person who will serve as County Auditor. If we have two good candidates from whom to choose, then we are blessed. However, I only know one of the candidates personally and I am delighted to recommend him to my fellow voters.

Aaron Coole is a man of exceptional character. He is hard working and has the necessary skills to excel as Auditor. Indeed, he has already displayed this by bringing needed improvements to the Auditor’s office in the short time he has served there. It is fitting to describe him as serving for this is consistently how he approaches his job and how he approaches life in general. He serves others in a spirit of humility and honesty and gives little thought to how he can advance his own interests. He seeks to be elected to this office not because he feels entitled to it, but because he believes he can improve the efficiency of the office and help it better serve the people of Fayette County.

Having known Aaron personally for 10 years, I know the quality of work he will do on behalf of our great county.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jay Lucas