Coole ‘will represent Fayette County well’

Concerning the May 8 Fayette County Primary for the position of County Auditor, we respectfully request your consideration be given to Aaron Coole. We have both known Aaron and his wife’s family for several years. It has been a delight to know them and watch them grow their family. We respect Aaron and regard him as well qualified for this position.

The experience of serving many years in the private sector refining fiscal skills, demonstrating customer service, training personnel, and balancing work and family needs while knowing the value of every dollar would lend well to the position of Auditor. As previously noted in the Record-Herald, with his leadership and valued team members, progress is already being made for the citizens of our county in his just one year of service.

His conservative mindset of reducing waste, effective realignment of resources, and understanding who he reports to — ultimately the taxpayers — make him well-suited to gain the trust of his fellow citizens, co-workers and supervisors.

We know him to place a high regard for organization, hard work, and the mindset of being a servant leader. In agreement with our local Republican committee, we believe Aaron will represent Fayette County well.

Thank you for your consideration,

Glen and Jan Cobb