Couple encourages community to ‘Keep Coole’


We wanted to take this opportunity to endorse Aaron Coole as auditor. During his time in office, he has made significant and impressive improvements both to the website and real estate transfer timelines.

It is exciting when a new perspective is brought from the private sector to an elected office. His leadership can give new eyes to this system and add to what the past office of auditor has offered the taxpayer. He has already launched a process to do more with less that is evident in the current office costs that he has implemented, getting more tasks completed with less employees.

Any elected office is enhanced by the character and integrity of the one that serves. In this manner, Aaron serves well and will not disappoint with the attributes that he brings to the table. Please join with the voices of the central committee, who already endorsed Aaron with a vote of 19-5, and Keep Coole!


Steve and Suzie Janasov