Perry Township happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

This month’s Perry Township board meeting was held on March 12. All paperwork for the new snow plow truck is completed and the truck is financed through Mercedes Benz for five years at a yearly amount of $28,097. The company gave the township $20,500 for a trade in on the old truck, $500 more than the initial estimate. The truck will be delivered as soon as its plow comes.

The trustees approved getting a water line, which has been discussed occasionally over time, put into the garage. The trustees discussed who might be available for hire to do it, with trustee Dick Wilson at one point, as before, suggesting they do it themselves and get it done. Trustee Dusty Smith said that he just wants to get it done however we get it done. He further mentioned that with the new truck, the trustees ought to try and spray it off when they are done using it. (I recall rust has been a significant problem with the old snow plow truck, so hopefully spraying off this new truck will help in its preservation.)

The trustees made a motion to get a debit card through Huntington Bank in the fiscal officer’s name. Fiscal officer Brenda Hughes stated that she was not able to obtain a township credit card as such cards are only available for businesses and not for public funds. Hughes explained that a debit card was suggested by the bank as an alternative to a township credit card and that the debit card will hardly ever be used, if at all.

Trustee Smith asked our part-time hire, J. Tuttle, to secure the door on the old Tigner house that is now owned by Perry Township. Tuttle said he will get yellow caution tape and put the tape all around the house to show that the township tried, and to give the township a little protection. He questioned if it is a liability on the township if somebody gets hurt on the property, reporting that 4-wheelers use it. Smith said that is why he is getting “No Trespassing” signs to put up on the property and then if somebody gets hurt, they get hurt. Smith related that at present there are no funds through the county to tear down the Tigner buildings.

FO Hughes brought up the recent Engineer’s Banquet. Trustee Creachbaum reported that the dinner was nice and informative. Many were not happy with the EMS tax levy proposal, with particular concern about the time it takes the squad to get whereever they are going. With a little more money a squad could be established at each end of the county. Trustee Creachbaum said that a big question he gets from residents in his part of the township is how to get the Greenfield squad to come get them. Smith replied that they need to call 911 and ask for the Greenfield squad, or just call Greenfield directly. The trustees noted that the people will be billed for the call, but their insurance would be likewise billed by the Fayette squad.

The letter sent to the owner of the property involved in the fence line dispute was returned as not being able to be delivered. Smith asked FO Hughes to resend the letter, this time by certified mail. Smith informed that the property owner of the quarry owes $32,000 in back property taxes. The long-standing flooding problem from this property across Staunton-Sugar Grove Road will probably not be pushed by the county and Soil and Water until the tax issue is resolved.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident