True excitement gives real motivation

By Trey Tompkins - Contributing Columnist

The hype of motivation is about the enticement of what is about to come, moreso than what a person already has. One can thrive on this type of motivation for a lifetime, but it frequently deprives the vitality of a whole community rather than replenishes it. Why? Because there is hardly ever recognition or acknowledgment in the form of generosity and gratitude. This dulls our sincere expressions and encourages exaggerated forms of disdain about our current livelihood.

Enticement is not true excitement. Sure, it elevates and accelerates us for a moment, but that is only temporary satisfaction, and not standard satisfaction. Along the road of enticement, we’re always looking for what is coming next. You may disagree with it, and swear that this time it is much different or much bigger in magnitude, yet it cannot be true because this swear is never based on something that you’ve already established in truth.

True excitement, and thus motivation, comes from the joy of being who we are as we are. Just take that in. It is phenomenal because there is no up direction or even down direction. We are just stable in our place, to which is an elementary component to healthy living. It doesn’t require chaotic movement or structure. What we simply wish for is stillness with our presence. This stillness is freedom, and also, the birth of so much energy. It’s what a lot of people work so many hard hours for, but we already have it. That doesn’t take away from the hours one has worked though. We will gain appreciation and even see the necessity for it once we come to be settled.

To be enticed is to be taken away from your place, but it is you who makes the agreement. You are always allowed to leave this arrangement. A person should not wait for it to work out on the “back end.” This leaves too bitter of a taste in ones memory. We lose our purpose this way. Great things will come to us, now, once we choose to leave the craving of enticement.

First, we’re left off not being so stuffed. It leaves room for the second opening, which is to be emptied. Once we are emptied there is no reason to be enticed into anything. Motivation just comes spontaneously and seems natural. This welcomes true excitement. In the space of emptiness, it allows for us to make heartier decisions with our lifestyle. We choose to eat right. We choose to exercise. We connect with friends more deeply.

There is no urgency to motive. It finds its own way through us. Of course, it is also okay and perfectly natural to get caught up in someone else’s joy. We just do not have to make out someone else’s vision for themselves our own vision, and it wouldn’t be a letdown to any other person for you to have another idea in mind. Actually, when those terms are expressed, that is when opportunities are opened up and not closed off. This is not disagreement. It is true harmony and a chance to branch further in life, even if it’s a dead end to a relationship.

This is a great time to be alive. Because of all the chaos and noise being instilled, so many great things are about to come through to us. We have to be ready for this. It means taking care of ourselves and looking for better standards of looking at things. Exercise and being a personal trainer has brought me two cherished values. Attunement and Perspective. These are values that I didn’t find across the globe, or from moving to the west coast, or escaping to Florida; I found these values here in a small town. For this, I am simply grateful for the many people of this community and hope for our highest of ambitions.

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

By Trey Tompkins

Contributing Columnist