Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

Trustee Dusty Smith was elected the 2018 chairperson and trustee Dick Wilson vice-chairperson at the Perry Township board meeting on Jan. 22.

The trustees agreed to keep their same division of road and cemetery oversight. They also agreed to keep the same time and date for the monthly board meeting, which is the second Monday of each month at 6 p.m. Board meetings are held in the Perry Township hall, located in the center of New Martinsburg. All meetings are open to the public.

The trustees decided not to “ride the roads” for inspection with the county engineer this year as they think the township roads are in pretty good shape. Perry Township has 20.565 miles of township roads. Fiscal officer Brenda Hughes and trustee Dusty Smith attended the recent County Trustee Association dinner meeting. They informed that not much was discussed except the EMS situation, with Jefferson Township being pretty strongly opposed to our county’s current plan that is to be funded by a county-wide EMS levy on the May ballot. FO Hughes explained that Jefferson Township’s primary concern is the EMS response time of about 14 to 16 minutes to their residents. This response time just does not work for Jefferson Township. Hughes noted that this is about the same response time to our Perry Township residents.

Problems with the township’s snow plow truck continue with another $1,100 in repairs to Robert’s Transport. Kevin Roberts again recommends that the township buy a new truck. Trustee Smith reported that the truck went out more than twice during the recent snows. All the steel tubing has rusted and rust is likewise a problem with the injection pump. The trustees are in the process of obtaining pricing on a new truck.

The trustees also discussed getting a new mower. Trustee Smith believes that the 54-inch deck on the current mower is a problem as the grass doesn’t seem to fly out right and the mower becomes bogged down. Our part-time employee J. Tuttle felt that a bigger deck on a mower would create problems getting into some places. Trustee Tom Creachbaum stressed that now is the time to purchase a new mower. Smith is in the process of getting recommendations about which is the best mower for us.

Trustee Smith brought up another problem with the old oak tree located on a resident’s property. The remainder of the tree has fallen and is supported by a tree in the right-of-way. If something isn’t done it will be lying on the road again. Trustee Creachbaum asked if this tree is on Barrett as he had not noticed it on Bonner. The trustees agreed to take a look at the tree and then request that the county prosecutor send another letter to the property owner.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident