Let go of identity and embrace connection

By Trey Tompkins - Contributing Columnist

We are delightfully wacky beings, making rules according to the way it should not go, based off of the way it has been going. Who are we to argue so vehemently against the very pattern of what is? My struggle is not in finding myself, but in finding myself and realizing how so far off I have been.

Why is it that we must associate what people do with who they are? It gets a person to feeling like they have to live by the rules of that particular identity. This ties knots in our brains and stops us from thinking creatively. This is essential if we intend to sustain and pursue our deepest ambitions. Creativity inspires ambition, and ambition is what creates action in our daily lives.

It is the “identity” of who we fight to be that drains our energetic bodies. When I was a child a common question I was asked was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” So, very early on I developed a misled understanding that I had to eventually be something other than who I already was, and all of my time would be consumed into figuring that out. I still don’t have an answer for the question!

What we all seek, or what relates every single human together, and what ignites our hearts’ purest ambition, is connection. Connection is that “A-ha” moment. It is the home-run feeling swing. It is the perfect expression of words that you couldn’t have said better yourself.

Go for this connection! Let go of the attainment of an identity that you may think that it will give you. Connection will bring you a sense of belonging that you will not have to chase around and constantly check-in on like identity requires. We spend days, weeks and years trying to work on our identity without really knowing if we have a connection to it. If it is true, then everything else will settle itself. Go for it!

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.


By Trey Tompkins

Contributing Columnist