Buckeye Pathway guides policy

By Cliff Rosenberger - Guest Columnist

To stay on track toward a common goal of making Ohio a better and stronger state, the Ohio House Republican Caucus created the Buckeye Pathway at the beginning of the 132nd General Assembly.

This member-driven document outlines our priorities and serves as a roadmap to three objectives: improve Ohio’s economic environment, enhance opportunities for all Ohioans, and strengthen families and communities. Halfway through this term, we have approved more than 30 bills that align with these principles.

To improve the economic environment — reducing financial stress, streamlining government spending, and making it easier for people to obtain and keep jobs — we made a number of tax changes and promoted economic growth.

In addition to the state budget, which ensured predictability in Ohio’s tax structure, we also made prescription eyewear exempt from sales tax and created the definition of a microbusiness. These bills help families save money and encourage small business development.

In order to keep the state on an upward trajectory for the future, we must also work to enhance opportunities.

The Ohio House did this through a variety of initiatives aimed at higher education and workforce development. From expanding access to computer science courses in high school to supporting the presentation of a wide range of career information in schools, we set our students up to have greater success in pursuing a job or continuing education in a field that is destined for progress and advancement in the future.

Finally, Ohio cannot be a successful state if our families and communities are not strong. This goal can range from topics on healthcare to local government funding.

Over the past year, we reinforced the importance of ensuring positive communication between the public and law enforcement, identified a need for palliative care for those with a serious illness, and helped local governments save money and operate more efficiently.

Each of these pieces of legislation help those in the greatest need and strengthen our towns and cities.

I’m incredibly proud of the work our caucus has done related to the Buckeye Pathway, and I know each bill passed has the potential to have a positive impact on millions of Ohioans.

We have another 12 months ahead of us during this General Assembly, and the Buckeye Pathway will continue to drive our goals as my fellow members introduce, debate, and approve legislation.

Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) represents the 91st District, which includes Clinton County.


By Cliff Rosenberger

Guest Columnist