Perry Township Happenings

Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

Our Perry Township Trustees did not have any new business to discuss at their end-of-the-year Dec. 11 meeting. Fiscal officer Brenda Hughes presented an agenda for the meeting listing old business. Hughes explained that she would like to do an agenda each month to help keep everybody on track and to have an idea of what’s going to be discussed. The trustees should let the FO know about new business for the agenda, but can always add old and new business items at a meeting.

Among old business, Hughes informed that the petition for the township to received the Tigner property in New Martinsburg, which has not sold at auction, has been filed and that the property is now basically the township’s. Bills for this month included $600 to Roberts Auto Transport for repair of the snow plow truck, bringing the amount paid to Roberts for various repairs to this truck to a little over $4,000 in about a year’s time. Trustee Dusty Smith informed that Kevin Roberts highly recommended that the trustees get rid of it as the bottom of the snow plow truck is rusted out, including the electrical system. This truck was purchased new by the township in 2005 and is an International 2004 model. Roberts got the truck running, but didn’t fix much. Hopefully the truck will make it through this winter and a new truck can be purchased during the summer.

Smith noted that we have already had more snow this winter than we had the total of last year. Trustees will follow the current schedule for snow removal. Our part-time hire Jerry Tuttle will use the little pickup truck with the blade to clear the intersections and alleys.

FO Hughes does not know the status of the Sugar Creek situation, as so far she has not received a reply from the county’s assistance prosecuting attorney about it. Hughes has sent a letter to Chris Ford (not the township’s part-time hire) about his responsibility to pay for part of the line fence with Edward Everhart. Trustee Smith explained that Ford will have to pay his share based upon the percentage of benefit he receives from the fence. The township is responsible for determining this percentage; the county will send a letter to the owner making him pay.

Tuttle has patched the hole on Bonner Road and the county has patched berms. The Bonner Road sign at Barrett has been stolen again and needs to be replaced. The trustees plan to get a beacon light for the top of the little pickup truck with this year’s OTARMA grant.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township Resident