Moving toward your aspirations

By Trey Tompkins - Contributing Columnist

Aspiration is a word that brings me back to my childhood. In those days, it was my mentors that I looked up towards that cultivated the dreams that I follow today.

Inspiration is something that we look at and think “Well, maybe that is something that I would like to do.” It is an initial boost, but usually a boost that is brief and fades quickly. It is from our aspirations that we burrow deep within our will to preserve feelings of hope and possibility to gain fulfillment.

How it happens I do not know. When something moves us deeply we are almost compelled immediately to take action. What people will say or think about us suddenly becomes futile because we know our purpose thoroughly.

Doubt is the biggest killer of our aspirations. There are so many people convinced that dreams are a joke. Too many of us are buying into a sold fact that our existence is without deep meaning and with practical explanation. It’s not. Every little detail of your life is woven with a pattern that presses you to a heightened goal. Doubt cannot permanently take that away from you. It only acts to temporarily distract you.

What does it take to shape these aspirations? Often, it’s just the pursuit of a way that we want to feel. At the beginning of this pursuit the feeling may seem vague or come a lost notion, but once the moment occurs, we know it to be true and without any falseness.

It is navigation that is led from the center of our chests that knows no maps. If one is using their head-space to find their aspiration, then no matter where you land, the feeling will always be evasive and eluded.

Inspiration usually occurs watching from the outside looking in. Working with our aspirations is watching from the inside looking out. It is the correct perception. I do believe that inspiration serves its purpose, but I frequently see a lot of friends and familiars lack trust in something that is so familiar to them. Your aspiration is no stranger and creates no danger. It’s been with you your whole life!

Get away from this amnesia we’ve been living. Find a whole-hearted way of being and escape the half-minded guidance that has been paved for us. In doing so, we all naturally come together and the right pieces of the puzzle come to place on their own. The right understandings. The right moments.

Exercise this option to live your aspirations.

By Trey Tompkins

Contributing Columnist

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness articles for the Record-Herald.

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness articles for the Record-Herald.