What did I see in Fayette County?

The following letter to the Record-Herald was written in response to a staff writer’s column in which she detailed witnessing strange orange lights floating in the sky in southern Ohio. The author of the letter shared similar experiences from the 1970s and also had the following to say: I remember living on Hinde Street in Washington Court House in the 1950s. I read this little article in the Record-Herald in 1959 about how something landed over by the old water tower. Supposedly there were burn marks on the ground, and from what I remember reading, there was a buzzing or pulsing green light, and it all came from that area.

Dear Record-Herald,

I am 81 and do not use Twitter, etc., but I wanted to share some experiences I’ve had with objects I never identified. In 1973 or 1974 I was driving on 753 between Good Hope and Greenfield, it was a dark night, early in summer. Some of my children were with me.

As I was driving on the left side of the road just above the trees I saw three or four large orange round balls. They were large like the moon but they weren’t the moon. They bobbed up and down over the tree tops, it was like they were controlled by some sort of string. When we got to Route 41 they simply were gone. I still don’t know what I saw but I remember.

In December 1978 my husband was in the hospital at Ohio State University Hospital. My 15-year-old son was with me, we had stayed later than usual that night to watch a movie with him.

Driving home somewhere near Mt. Sterling, a V-shape formation of bright lights began to trail us. There were 13, my son and I both counted them. This formation was high in the sky. I could not make out any shape, only the bright lights and formation — this formation followed us all the way home then circled our lane several times. As they appeared out of nowhere they disappeared into nowhere. I don’t know what I saw that time either.

I really am unsure if I believe in outer space travelers but I did see some unknown objects that have left me wondering what did we see. It’s one of those things that you never forget. It just sits in the back of your mind and every now and then you’ll drag it around your mind and think, ‘What did I see back then?’ but you don’t dwell on it. I hadn’t even thought of it for years until I read your article, and I had never met anyone who had seen the round orange lights in the sky before.

My kids have seen flying saucers and lights but it’s not something that you would talk about outside of the family. You’re reluctant to talk about it because some of the people would think you’re nuts and some of the churches would teach against it, I know they would. I shared it because after all these years, I still don’t know what I saw, and because I read your article and it sounds like what I saw. I know other people have seen things…they just don’t tell you because people will judge and people don’t want to appear abnormal.