‘I had to do what was right’

Dear Editor,

My name is Jomi Ward and I am the private citizen who started the suit with the Republican Central Committee. Many wonder why I did such a thing, others are proud of my actions.

Normally, I am not one to stir the pot, but when people were coming to me asking me to DO SOMETHING – I had to do what was right. I was NOT at the meeting when the Auditor appointment was made, but my phone started ringing immediately. People were telling me that the committee voted in Executive Session behind closed doors, by secret ballot, and did not disclose the information. All of these things are not permitted by Ohio Open Meeting ACT r.c. 121.22. so, I filed my suit.

Then, I received a phone call from a committee member saying that the Jomi she knew would never do something like that! I DID NOTHING WRONG! That committee member also told me that they had always done it that way when they were appointing someone. I kept hearing the name of a non-committee member who was swaying opinions, I kept hearing that a man should be the head of that office, and I kept hearing that the committee was angry with the commissioners for supporting the incumbent. Six months later and it still isn’t settled!

If everyone in this community chooses to sit quietly and let things like this slide, so be it. I couldn’t!! It doesn’t really matter about all of the hearsay, I brought to light the fact that proper procedure was not followed. This should NEVER have happened! The voters of Fayette County have entrusted the Republican Central Committee to represent them and the good of the community. I do not know Mr. Coole personally, and this suit most definitely is not about him. It is about what is RIGHT! It is about what the voters of Fayette County deserve.

The Republican Central Committee was elected into their respective positions by the trust and loyalty of the voters – me included! They/we deserve better than this! When this is resolved Thursday evening per proper procedure, I am certain everyone will sleep better. With that being said, Brenda Mossbarger was highly recommended by outgoing Auditor Michael Smith. Doesn’t that count? She had 20 years of experience in that office and did a very good job. Doesn’t that count? The position of Auditor is one of the most important in the county and I find it quite unnerving that this appointment was given to someone with zero experience in that capacity.

I was honored to have Cathy Templin and Mike Smith join me. It was absolute verification that what I did was a good and proper thing! The Republican Central Committee knows they violated proper procedure or they would have let this go to trial. The REVOTE will be done by roll call at a PUBLIC meeting on November 9th at 7 p.m. at the Center for Economic Opportunity. Please come to the meeting. It will give you the chance to see your committeemen cast their ballot.

Thank you,

Jomi Ward