Templin says to contact Central Committee members


This letter should have been written prior to the Central Committee vote for Auditor back in April. I knew Aaron’s father-in-law was contacting committee members, but I failed to reach out because I could not imagine the committee actually appointing someone with absolutely no experience to such an important position.

The public was outraged with the results, the injunction was filed, and I joined the suit. To those who say Mr. Coole did nothing wrong, I say he could have stepped down six months ago. He also could have delayed his swearing in until the revote, and this entire situation would have been avoided.

I have been in office for 17 years, and during that time the committee has made a number of appointments. A Coroner was appointed from candidates who were doctors. A Prosecutor was appointed from candidates who were attorneys. All of the candidates were equally qualified and these appointments were accepted by the public.

When Commissioners are appointed anyone can be considered as a candidate regardless of experience. However, a newly appointed commissioner has the benefit of joining two other board members who can assist during the learning process. The public also accepted these appointments. This committee appointed an Auditor with zero experience, and that has many people upset.

The members of the Central Committee are elected to represent you. I am asking everyone interested in the future of the Auditor’s Office to contact your committeeman and let them know your position regarding this appointment. I also ask all of you to attend the meeting on November 9 at 7 p.m. at 101 E. East St. to witness how your committeeman votes. If you do not know who your committeeman is call the Board of Elections at 740-335-1190.

This committee will be charged with making another appointment in December, as the Clerk of Courts is retiring. Will this committee follow the recommendation of the retiring office holder and appoint someone with experience, or will they choose to appoint someone with absolutely no experience, as they did in this instance?

Cathy Templin

Fayette County Recorder