FCBDD renewal levy important for those with disabilities


The birth of a child with a disability is the beginning of a journey few parents are prepared for. Because of the professionals and programs of the Fayette County Board of Developmental Disabilities, our child, Megan, who is now an adult, is a capable adult who plans a meal once a week, creates a grocery shopping list and then, with assistance, shops for her groceries and prepares a meal for the family.

With their help, she has learned to do her own laundry and is now responsible for making sure her clothes are clean. Megan doesn’t like to miss work because she likes to have money to travel with her workshop friends to her favorite restaurants and attend concerts and an occasional hockey or baseball game, or dinner theater with her family and friends.

The FCBDD has been a source of warmth, support and care, teaching and training, not only for Megan but for us as well.

We encourage you to vote yes for the FCBDD renewal levy so that all children and adults with disabilities have the opportunity to live the best life they can. Please vote yes….for them.

Stephen and Nancy Mowery

Fayette County residents