‘Raise The Vibe’ is a virtual breath of fresh air

By Trey Tompkins - Guest Columnist

I see the Universe everywhere, but it feels best when I see it in fellow human beings.

My life has become an exploration in search of true strength. In a humanity in which we have grown to have so much, how have we come to feel so little? These types of questions circulate my mind as I reach to encourage people towards compassion as the ultimate means of expression and connection.

This journey has brought me along to meet Rebecca Psigoda. A wonderful human being!

“What is your biggest wish? Your biggest dream? What would you do?” she asks me at Sunny Side Café in Groveport, Ohio.

Both of us, as we would learn about each other, are runners and self-admitted introverts. It’s a heavy question, but I am willing and ready to answer. I trust her.

“Well, it’s nothing that I would want to do, so much as how I would want to feel; and that feeling is simply having a lot of people around me that are happy. Whatever it is that I do doesn’t seem to matter.”

Our conversation extends itself for two and a half hours, although, it doesn’t seem like this as we share each others’ path up to this point. After all, we had never met before, so there was a lot of catching up to do! We land on a good spot. What brought us together in the first place.

RAISE THE VIBE. This is a social platform I joined on Facebook that allows its members to share positive content that will fill their News Feed with encouragement, inspiration, and light. It is a page originated by Mike Dooley, New York Times best selling author and speaker, that was brought to him through Rebecca.

Before its conception, Rebecca recalled to me doing her dishes one night, feeling called to do something to connect as many people as possible to focus on the “good news” in life, and not thinking that she, herself, could have a reach that the idea deserved.

“What about a person like Mike Dooley? Somebody with a far greater audience,” a thought came to her. It was a far off possibility, but she listened to her “Voice,” stopped doing the dishes, and sent an e-mail to him immediately.

This has taken off! Since August, the idea has gone from Rebecca’s intuitive calling to an online community of over 44,000 members and growing. It shows a great need within our culture. RAISE THE VIBE is not just a page, but a message that if we listen to our strength, and connect that strength with others, then great things align and the right people come along the way no matter who you are!

What people are loving most about this page is not just that they get to share positivity and inspiration, but also, they are going to receive a kind and compassionate reception back from it. Often, we do have pockets of hopefulness, and then our social network seems to disassemble it quickly, making us feel like we don’t have a place to go to or share our sense of belonging.

Individually, we can measure great feats that define us as strong. We can do a lot of good things. But without each other, we are just marginal in our efforts as a whole. RAISE THE VIBE is a virtual breath of fresh air. It is our hike in the woods or a walk in the park, but it is so with our neighbors around the world.


By Trey Tompkins

Guest Columnist

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for the Record-Herald.